Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Speaking in church this Sunday!

Elder Weiss arrived home yesterday Tuesday, July 14.  He will be speaking in church Sunday, July 19 at 1 PM Lundstrom park third ward building on 1600 east and 1200 N. in Logan Utah.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Marathon in the "Land of Can't Do It Alone"

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Subject: Jokes!
Date: July 5, 2015 at 10:09:39 PM MDT

Well this is a bit crazy. I remember when Will emailed me his last
P-day in Chile. I'm not ready to come home. I don't feel like I belong
somewhere else. Just when we think God's made something great out of
us he tells us “Sorry, son, that was pretty much a vague outline. If you
want to be something great your gonna have to winge a lot less and let
me chisel a lot more.”

So here I am, coming in hot for a belly flop
landing into the lake of real life. And then a marathon in the land of
I can't do it alone. At least I'll be in good company. We had our big
activity. You can check us out on

It was over the top. But that's how we do things in among the
Avengers (aka The Spanish Four #vivaespana)

Well my brain is a bit fried from the personal panic attack that's
been personally hitting home as in inside my personal self. So yeah...

The second attempt didn't turn out much better than the first... oh well

Love you heaps!
Aroha Nui
Les Quiero

Elder Weiss

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Step of Faith-A Day of Joy

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: June 28, 2015 at 9:05:40 PM MDT

Dear Family,

Yesterday was a day of joy. Ally the first investigator I taught on my
mission came to church after nearly two years of worrying and
wondering she took a step of faith. I think she enjoyed it and I
really hope she felt the spirit. We went into Relief Society to
announce our activity and I was looking around and  barely found her
because she fitted in seamlessly. It brings tears to my eyes to know
it all pays off.

As well the Sisters from the English Ward had a guy
named Kevin come to church also. A few weeks ago Elder Jones and I
were having a rough day and we just wanted to knock some doors to get
the spirit back. The first door we knocked on was Kevin's. As we were
driving away we saw the sisters walking and gave them the information
and the return appointment we had set.

Saturday night the Sisters
called and told us that he would be coming to church the next day.
Their sacrament mtg had already begun and we were in the foyer waiting
for Ward Council when the Sisters stepped out followed by Kevin to
show has that he made it to church.It all seemed surreal.

Much of the
time we don't see the good that we do, but there are times when God
decides to reassure us that our effort and sacrifice counts. Those who
are familiar with this work know that there exists no price too high
for the worth of one soul. It's a feeling that no words can explain.

These investigators may never know how invested we become in them.
These feelings cannot be bought with money. They are bought with our
own personal sacrifice. But sacrifice is a strange word... in the
Lords work it's never a loss... just a step of faith in the right

This week we put out our radio announcement for our activity.
Wednesday our poster should be in the paper as well. #wegohard

Love you all!

Elder Weiss

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Perseverar hasta el fin!

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: June 21, 2015 at 9:30:41 PM MDT

Perseverance is the true test of desire. I'm being tested. I look at
myself now and I feel like I've been better in other times of my
mission but I think I've never been more self critical either.

Everybody asks you "So how long have you been out?" or "When do you go
home again?". I still can't grasp how long three weeks will be or even
stopping doing this. Perseverar hasta el fin! These last weeks are
critical. They will show what sort of a man I am. They will chart my
course for everything following. Let's stop talking about it.

Yesterday I translated at church for the first time. It went good. The
guy gave a talk about the power of music. Later that day we went to
the rescue with Bishop Espinoza to a part member family. The mum is a
former investigator and the daughter is a member. We rocked up and she
told us she wasn't interested in learning more and her daughter

We stood there listening and then the spirit brought words
back to me that I had translated in sacrament meeting. I remembered
the power of music. I asked her if we could come in and sing a song.
The three of us sang "I am a child of God" and then bore our
testimonies. Subtly and bit by bit the spirit began to fill the room.
My companion asked if we could come by the following week and she said,

BOOM! Take that evil influences of Satan. Get thee hence bro!
Every day there is some sort of miracle like that.

On Thursday we went
to teach Ally with Sister Espinoza. I think I asked maybe a question
or two the entire lesson but Elder Jones was so inspired I don't even
remember what he said but it was powerful and then Sister Espinoza
shared her conversion story and it was full of miracles and built
Ally's faith. She committed to pray about what she reads in the Book
of Mormon and to come to church this Sunday coming. She was the first
person I taught in Australia so this is two years in the making. I
hope she makes it.

Lately I've been sharing my testimony straightforward to people. The
power of the spirit in testimony always amazes me. I feel like it's
something I didn't know how to use till this last week. As we say in
the spanish ward "Chupa Chupar". I don't even know how they even let
me come on a mission. The patience that God has with us is just...
whuff... I don't not if I could handle a pet turtle let alone billions
of spirit children. How he does it is beyond me.

Well if you’re still awake at this point in the letter congratulate you.
And if not, "Wo, wo, wo!!"

Love yous heaps maties! Let’s go till tha wurld lahds!

Monday, June 15, 2015

New Beginnings-Bishop Espinoza

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: June 14, 2015 at 10:20:05 PM MDT

Dear Family,

Big news from the Spanish Ward this week. Our main man, Brother
Espinoza, is now Bishop Espinoza. New beginnings and a fresh start to
try and make things happen.

Last Sunday as he was bearing his
testimony I thought to myself, "He could be our next bishop". He was
so emotional he wasn't able to finish his testimony that day. He's not
a good talker... and for that I am so grateful.

There are three kinds
of members:
Those that make it happen.
Those that watch it happen.
And those who ask "what happened?”.
The more of the first kind of person  you have in your ward council the
more your ward will progress.

Dad has got me worried about plateauing spiritually when I go home. Today I
made a bubble chart to try and organize what my vision of what I want
to do/be as a Returned Missionary. Time is ticking waaay to fast!

This week we found 4  new investigators. I hope with all
my heart that they progress. Not
that I don't love contacting for countless hours but it's nice to
teach every now and again.

This week I had a big break through about Prayer. Sometimes as
missionaries we say prayers but we don't really mean it. For example
we are supposed to pray every time we leave the flat... some
missionaries pray every time they get out of the car... But just like
the novelty of a cake wears off when you work in a bakery the same
thing can happen to prayer if we aren't careful.

The realization was
this; What good does it ever do to pray and not be able to feel the
Holy Ghost in your prayer? I'm sure in some way it does something but
I feel like praying just for praying's sake is like someone talking
just for talking's sake. It misses the mark. If I don't feel the Holy
Ghost during a prayer it's because I'm not tuning in.

Why have a radio
if you don't tune in? Why get baptized and have the Gift of the Holy
Ghost and not tune in? If you aren't tuning in during a prayer, when
are you planning to tune in? ARE you planning to tune in? As Elder
Pearson would say, "It's something to think about..."

Love you all! Pray that I don't think about home at all! I have four
good weeks to give. The final kick starts now.

Elder Weiss

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Blasts from Pasts and New Adventures #elderedmondson #elderjones

The Legend of Jones

Next level of street contacting.

We are as the Armies of Helaman
From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: June 8, 2015 at 9:36:39 PM MDT

Dear Fambamstantran,
I asked President, "If me and my companion say we hate each other
does that mean we won't get transferred?" I'm not looking for to
transfers I'll let you know. It's not really bitter sweet going
home... just bitter. There are constant reminders that I'm not
permanent... I imagine like aches and pains remind old people that
they are going to die... and that they aren't permanent here and there
is something greater in the hereafter. It's just one thing at a time.
First we live life and then we die. So i'm just trying to get used to
life feeling like an old person.

We took a massive El Libro de Mormon
to Fairfield to GQ. Pretty hectic. Good responses from the Assyrian
community because it was a bad day for find South Americans. While we
were there I had a blast from the past. At the beginning of my mission
Elder Edmondson and I were walking one day in the urban jungle of
Liverpool when we met a Persian lady named Amina. She identified us as
Americans and wanted to tell us how much better our country was that
Australia. I always take compliments, but it was quite surprising to
the custom feelings of the average demographic.

We told her a bit
about what we did and she accepted to let us go to her house later
that week to teach her more. The day of the appointment she called and
said it wouldn't be a good idea as her husband was a devoute muslim
and he would be angry if we came. And so it went. But almost two years
of nik' minuts later Elder Jones and I are walking through the train
station with our grande El Libro de Mormon and who do we meet? AMINA!

We got her address and set a return appointment. Turned out she lives
on the same street as a member we know. Turned out she knew the member
and she lives three houses down. Turned out we won't be the first
missionaries to teach her. # Noeffortiswasted. You always wonder about
the people that don't pan out... well they do. She has been divorced
for some time now and is in a much better place to listen to our
message of hope.

We also will be interviewed for the radio this
week.#turnuprage #I<3eldermills We took them a thank you card for the
announcement that we paid them to do and they said they'd interview us
for free. BINGO. Pays to be courteous.

Hope things are good back a HQ,

Elder Weiss

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

We woke up and did something good

 In Australia people have a bad habit of leaving shopping carts laying around. We were going to the bus stop taking shopping cart back to return it when we saw a teddy bear tied by it's kneck to the pole and a 48 pack of beer bottles #aussiemate strewn across the public soccer field. We decided to do something "good" if you know which song I'm talking about. #notdreamingofmansionsabove
 Set up for Meet the Mormons.
 Over 100 people attended.
Elder Mills got Transferred... NEWWW BRUUU
 Mosque in Sydney.

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Subject: We woke up and did something good.
Date: June 1, 2015 at 8:10:17 PM MDT

Our (“Meet the Mormons”) activity was a blast! So stressful, so much work, so much
planning, so much miracle, so worth it!

We had over 100 people attend our event. A third of which were less active
members and non-members.  BINGO!

One of our members gave a ride to one of our potential
investigators and set us an appointment for tonight @ 7! The spirit at
the activity was so sweet and positive which was a stark contrast from
the norm.

The members were so pumped up and said "when are we doing
this again?”

Six weeks time we are thinking about doing a Soccer Ball
donation activity for kids in South America that can't afford their
own! The ward says we are good to use budget to do another radio
announcement so we are going big time again!

The earlier we start the more we can fine tune the details and market it better.
Man, Eagle projects are such good preparation for missions!

Elder Mills got transferred. Elder Edmondson will
be training which makes Elder Jones my companion again!

The world better get ready for the Spanish take
over because nothing can handle us! Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Love you heaps!

Elder Weiss

Sunday, May 24, 2015


From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: May 24, 2015 at 8:42:33 PM MDT

Dear Family,

The highlight of this week was going on a trade off with my "son" Elder
Jones! He's the man! He talks with EVERYONE!!!

We didn't have any appointments so we took the bus to Fairfield
and talked to people ALL day! It was so much fun!
It was like a six hour thing at the end.

It'd be nice to have investigators but man I don't even care at the
end of six hours of talking to people you are pumped!! We met heaps of
Spanish people and invited them all to our super activity for this
Saturday Conozca a los Mormones!! (Meet the Mormons).

We are now on the radio! Super cool. We tell everyone about it!
I hope we blow our ward away!! I want the Spanish to community to say..
"Did you hear about what the Mormons did?" ahahaha!
With God's help we are gonna win!

Love you all! Elder Weiss

PS   Sorry for poor time management today... #shortemail

Sunday, May 17, 2015

I Know God is Bound to Send Me a Blessing

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: May 17, 2015 at 9:05:46 PM MDT

I'm not gonna lie, that (Mother’s Day) phone call threw my whole week off. But I'm
back on track now. The whole week I just felt a bit dead.

Elder O'reardon visited our Stake Conference on Sunday and he told us of
something that Elder Bednar told him. He said that "As soon as someone
obeys a principle of the gospel they qualify for the temporary
companionship of the Holy Ghost.”

I realized that we as missionaries have many rules and each time
we obey one we receive a little bit more of the Spirit and a little
more faith. I realized that I had become
slack about small things like getting out the door before meal times
are up and talking to everyone.

Disobedience is numbing and decreases
your spiritual capacity to do miracles. Obedience turns the world into
a place of possibility and faith. Each time I get out the door before
meal time is up, I know God is bound to send me a blessing. So I wait
and watch as the hand of God unfolds itself.

We thought our Stake was
getting split this weekend but NOPE! That's ok though. Next time!
Stake conference was packed back to the stage. Elder O'rearden kept
saying something that I found interesting. He said, "Stake Conference
is a time of miracles." He told us of all the miracles that he sees as
he goes from one stake to the next and goes out to the rescue with the
Stake President.

He instructed us as priesthood holders that we should
never make a visit without an appointment. Setting an appointment
gives them time to reflect on why you are coming and the Holy Ghost
can start working in them. It's powerful to hear the servants of the
Lord talk about the miracles that they've seen. As they move their
feet, the Lord guides their steps.

Love you all!

Elder Weiss

Sunday, May 10, 2015

After the Mother's Day Phone Call

"How should you prepare for my return?" was the question Dad asked me.
That is a tough question. I would love for everyone to speak to me in
their Romantic languages ie Spanish, Portuguese, Italian etc.

Let's try and get the missionaries to our house once a month to teach
someone. We have non member families across the road on either side
of the Mechams and one on the other side of the Pingrees. Let's try to
get them all over and build relationships. You can't help people  you
don't know.

I  guess family scripture study every night and family
prayers. I reckon those already are happening.

I'll have to put more
thought into it. Yous are great I love you all!

Thanks for the questions. See you in a few secs...

Elder Weiss

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mercy is the Only Explanation

The days are long but the weeks are... I don't know where they are...
they just disappear!

Pretty much the same old life and stories so I'll
just tell you so things I've learned this week.
1) The sacrament works. When we are honest and look to make a specific
change their is power that comes into our lives.
2) Fasting works. I have gained a love for fasting on my mission. It's
explainable but the difference is certain.
3) The reason we have a testimony is to help us change. Growing up I
always had a testimony but looking back I never really knew why. On my
mission I have applied my testimony and the result is that I am
changing. Also known as conversion. We don't know for the sake of
knowing. We know for the sake of doing and changing. I think that's
pretty critical.

I loved the book I got for my birthday! I love all your notes and
such. If someone could email me if we can skype at 11am my time that'd
be shweet!

You guys are gonna have to give me a prompt or something because when
I write these letters it feels like bloody Groundhogs day every

Love you all so much!

Still not sure how I won the lottery of life... mercy is the only explanation.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Members and Missionaries Unite

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: April 26, 2015 at 8:46:50 PM MDT

Sorry to hear about Grandma passing. Mum and Dad you need to never die

What a week! Crawling on our arms and knees all week but it was soo
worth it. So things had taken a turn for the worse and basically we
had nothing to do. So we spent a lot of time walking around talking to
people looking for Spanish speakers. Us and Elder Edmondson and Jones.
Between us we probably spent 10 hours in Fairfield just talking to

Sunday came around and the four of us stood there in chapel
foyer holding the doors for the people. They were excited to see the
other elders were back. When we went in to sit down we noticed there
was a lot better attendance. We went from 37 the week before to 57!
yay! It was great to see after a less than easy week.

The best part
was still yet to come. We organized four members to go on spits with
all of us after church! Legend!! There hadn't been that much
cooperation between members and missionaries since black bears roamed

I went with our faithful old Hermano Romero. We went to
visit a potential investigator that is a friend of his. She didn't
answer so we began walking back to the car. As we crossed the street
we saw a lady three houses down looking at us. After a few moments she
called out to the member in Spanish! We began talking to her from a
distance and eventually went to her front yard to have a yarn to her.

She told us how she gives the English sisters juice and biscuits when
they come by. She invited us in and one thing led to another and we
were having a gospel conversation but she didn't seem like someone
that was ready to change. But as it went on she said, "You don't seem
like other boys your age. You don't hear boys your age talk and act
the way you do.”

At the end of the lesson I told testified to her how
the gospel has blessed me and my family. I shared Moroni 6:4-6 and
told her "I am the way I am because my name was taken down and I was
nourished by the good word of God. I know God has blessing for all who
attend his church." She told us that she had been to many churches to
never to a Mormon church. I gave her the Book of Mormon and she said
we could come back on Wednesday.

The key to this all was THE MEMBER!
If it weren't for him we never would have met that lady! Miracles
happen when MEMBERS AND MISSIONARIES are united in the Lords work!
Probably one of the best Sundays of my mission. I hope it keeps

Love you all,

Elder Weiss

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spanish Panic Attack

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: April 20, 2015 at 8:18:08 PM MDT
To: Cyndy Weiss <>

Dear family,

As it was once so succinctly stated by a young boy recounting his own
"Kid History"... "TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!! This last transfer felt about
two weeks long. These next two will be even faster.

My sons are back
in the Spanish ward! and my grandson and great-grandson are in the
zone in a different ward. It seems as though I will depart this
mission life with my family around me. If my mission was a lifetime
I'd be 88. Hey man!!! What's going on here!! 

This past week we
brought our relief society president to our lesson with Ally. It was
amazing because they both attended the same churches but at different
times and both studied with the Jehovah's Witnesses. Her experiences
were just perfect for our investigator and we had no clue.

I feel like
missionary letters are always the same... That's kind of why I stopped
reading my siblings... I don't really know how to spice things up for
you. It just feels like a censored version of my journal... Well I'll
keeping saying something for those that want to read something.

like my trainer is going to come visit us when I come home... and then
I'm gonna go visit Colombia to improve my Spanish at some point. Last
night my head didn't stop thinking in Spanish. It was Elder Jones and
Elder Edmondson's first day back in the ward yesterday. They came over
for language study last night before planning and we spoke "puro
espanol" while I made them pupusas. I'm becoming the Pupusa Master.

Last week we went to "Tierras Latinas" The Spanish store in Fairfield
and bought some Masa and Alfejores. The masa was six bucks! UBER
Cheap. but I need to buy more than $10 to use my card. So I  asked for
some Alfejores (by the way this speaking is all in Spanish).  He slapped down on
the counter and I asked him how much. He said 10 bucks which was
ridiculous for a six pack but I may or may not have had a Spanish
panic attack and just bought them anyway but the worst part was that I
gave him a $20 note and forgot to pay with the card which was the
reason I got the dang things in the first place... #spanishstruggles.

I think Mothers Day is this transfer... When is that? Thanks mum for
editing this all and splitting up the paragraphs.


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Name tag in Aussie

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: April 12, 2015 at 9:17:35 PM MDT
To: Cyndy Weiss <>

This week we got to watch conference! I was inspired at the power of
the priesthood. My heart has had a good roto-till on my mission and I
was able to receive a lot more from this conference than ever before.

Today marks three months left of wearing the name tag in Aussie. Pretty
scared out of my mind to go home. Especially after the Saturday
sessions of conference. I think they are afraid "The Wave" doesn't
want to get married. I think the feeling after that conference is
maybe a bit too far the other way…

This week was pretty awful to be
honest. My phone-boarding took a little dent out of the churches
tithing funds and we had to go the mission office to get a new phone
the same day we had to prepare for a flat inspection and then we had a
ultra long weekly planning that we didn't even finish because a member
of our ward told us he's fed up and wants to go to an English ward...
ooh that put me over the edge.

So we literally went back to the
drawing board and made a plan for how we are going to strengthen the
ward. We are getting reinforcements next transfer. We'll have four
Elders. We also requested a Spanish speaking Senior Couple that I'll
never see and now it's a waiting game for a fresh start in a few weeks
at conference.

They'll be re-organizing the bishopric and from the
sounds of things splitting the stake. Both are great! I even got
permission to call Brother Baker and get his thoughts on the matter.
Apparently when he went to Belconnen ward his first Sunday that had
attendance in the high 30's as well. Now it's the dream area of the

Yesterday we went GQing asked referrals from members with the mission
prep class. Ofa set it all up and I got to be his companion. A heap of
us went to my home court where I spent a lot of time my first
transfer. THE FAIRFIELD BUS STATION. The Beanstar and I spent so much
time there.

So Ofa and I start talking to people but he didn't want to
do it together he wanted to split up. I though that's ok as long as we
are in sight in sound. Nik minut. Get done talking to these Christian
Iranians and he's just gone! What a spaz! He just left a missionary on
his own haha. Nothing better than members and missionaries working
together in the work of salvation.

Love you all. I hope everyone is ok.

Elder Weiss

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Peaks and Valleys

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: April 6, 2015 at 8:26:23 PM MDT

Bit of a rough patch this week. Not really sure who we helped. God
knows but sometimes you can't see it. Last night was depressing because
we literally ran out of things to do. It was dark and wet and we
prayed to figure it out.

We went to visit a less active and there was
a big metal gate that was locked. We jammed a card in the handle on
the gate with a note to call us. This morning the lady texted us and
said we can come by next week. So one good thing happened.

Maybe my attitude is just wrong... I'm grateful for everyday as a missionary
including the confusing ones... there that's a better attitude.

Yesterday we were walking in Fairfield trying to find Spanish people.
We walked down the street to the corner and when we were about to turn
left something made us cross the street. After we crossed we were
about to keep going straight and then something told us go left. We
walked and I was a bit tired of my mediocre contacting skills
#outofpractice and I decide that I was going to just shake the hand of
the next guy coming up. He didn't really want to talk and he pointed
at his watch. I said "Do you know anyone that speaks Spanish?" as I
pulled out a Spanish card and showed it to him. He said "I do!" He
said he was from El Salvador and arrived four months ago.

Immigration of Spanish Speakers to australia has stopped, BUSTED!!!
Yesterday we talked with 7 people that have moved here in the last 5

Ok so I guess this week wasn't that bad it just feels like it was
three weeks put into one and so I can't hardly remember what happened
the first half of the week.

Oh! We taught Ally. We read Alma Chapter 12 with her.
While we were reading she commented on how beautifully it
was written and how true some of the things were. Then we talked to
her about baptism and she said that she had to sincerely believe that
a church was the right one before she were to join it.

Then we said to her, "Would you believe me if I told you I wrote that chapter
that we read in the Book of Mormon?" She laughed and said no. "I'd have to be
pretty clever to do that wouldn't I?" #understatementofthecentury, She
agreed. "Did you know that I have more education with a high school
diploma than Joseph Smith did? She said no. "Did you know that I am
the same age that Joseph Smith was when he translated the Book of

She looked a bit surprised and then we told her, "The Book of
Mormon is the convincing evidence of the restoration of the Church of
Jesus Christ" Those words are straight from PMG but the way they came
out of my mouth carried such power as if the Holy Ghost himself had
spoken them, which he had.

So I guess in retrospect it was a good week just with a lot of peaks
and valleys. Time is incomprehensible. The weeks seem long but the
days and months seem short.

Love you all!

Elder Weiss

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Spirit Bandwagon

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: March 29, 2015 at 7:35:32 PM MDT

Queridos Amigos, familiares, y conocidos!

It's been another great week! I feel like I have served two missions
because I feel like as much as happened in the first six months of my
mission happens in like two weeks!

We have two investigators on date
for April. Hopefully they keep feeling the gospel bless them. One came
to church for the first time yesterday. It was about an hour drive to
the Spanish ward. One of the members from Mortdale, Brother Aviles,
picked him up and brought him. It seemed he really enjoyed it.

We talked
about missionary work. During the week we were a bit frustrated and we
had been trying to get a hold of Ofa because he's our high councilor
for the Spanish ward and we need to get somethings sorted out.

bishop is on his way out. His house is sold and he's just trying to
find somewhere to live on the central coast. So the ward is in lala
land. Ofa said to us, "Brothas you set up ward council for this Sunday
and we'll give them a training on going to the rescue. So we called
around and got things organized. We had about half the council turn up
but we just went ahead.

We discussed being more welcoming to
investigators until Ofa turned up with the Zone Leaders and we got
somethings settled about how the Area Presidency wants us to go about

We got the 2nd counselor behind it because the Bishop didn't
turn up. It was combined Sunday and he asked Ofa to do the same
presentation in the final hour of church. It went so well that the
first counselor asked if he could do some rescuing with us after
church. We went to the rescue and brought a brother back. He just
needed some encouragement to get back to church. If we didn't go he
wouldn't have been invited or committed to be at church the next
sunday. It was awesome!

AL RESCATE MIS AMIGOS! Who was the last person
you rescued? Who was the last less active you worried about?

Last night I think I had my final Bible bash of my mission. I won..
but I lost. We didn't know where to go so we pulled over to say a
prayer. During the prayer David came to my mind. We drove there and as
we got out of the car I saw a lady sitting on this bench. She looked Latina,
so I asked her if she spoke Spanish. She said that she did and
that she was stopping by to visit one of our members in the complex.

We gave her the members mobile number and then invited her to hear
more. She said she'd already studied the "Mormones" and was not
convinced. I told her I'm not here to convince you because the only
convincing power that exists is the Holy Ghost. "And la biblia" She
added... And so it began…

I felt so guided to this lady we stuck
around and discussed with her. I sincerely though that the spirit at
some point would just come rushing in and save the day but it never

One hour later I felt full of darkness and regret. She accepted a
Book of Mormon because I read 2 Nephi 29:7-10 and said the book
defends itself. But beside that the spirit was not in me. The Holy
Ghost had left me completely. My spirit felt burned and in pain. My
nightly prayer was frankly embarrassing and apologetic. The spiritual
damage from "Preaching the gospel by some other way" is still not
completely healed. You live and you learn because He forgives.

Righto Mate! Let's get back on the spirit bandwagon! All about that
spirit life! #cambios

Les quiero!!

Elder Weiss

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Week Flashed By...

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: March 22, 2015 at 7:00:08 PM MDT

Dear Family,

This week flashed by but also seems like it was the longest week ever.
At one point I was so confused that after planning and started reading
my patriarchal blessing just trying to get my head straight.

Saturday we were talking to people in a food court very popular to the
Spanish community. We spoke with some people but it was a little hard
when they were eating lunch. I asked him if he wanted to go to a park
where some Spanish people play soccer or go to the bus station. To my
surprise he said let's go to the bus station.

When we arrived there, a
young bloke about our age was sitting on a bench smoking. He was
wearing a soccer jersey so I knew Elder Mills would like to talk with

He asked us if we were promoting a candidate for the elections
and we told him that we were from our church. He asked which church
and as we began to talk he told us that he would like to become
Christian. He's from a Iraq. He tried to get baptized there but the
priest of the Assyrian churches said they could not. They probably
didn't want him to get killed. But he told us that when he came to
Australia he came alone and he changed his name and tells everyone
he's Christian and even wears a Catholic rosary but he still hasn't
been baptized. He asked if he could get baptized in our Church. We
said yes and that some missionaries would be stopping around to pick
him up for church.

Now some missionaries that have served in the Spanish ward say it's a
waste of time to go finding. Anyone that says that needs to speak to
my new Iraqi friend Oscar. I love this work. I don't do it for the
numbers. I do it because I am so indebted to my Father in Heaven and
want to show him my love and my gratitude.

Like Mother Teresa said, "My work is not a work of statistics, it's a
work of love”.  I love God. It's been a week of ups and downs but "I can do all things
through Christ Jesus that strengthens me."

I know God's plan is perfect. I was supposed to train Elder Mills but
instead I was sent to Canberra. At first I was disappointed but I
would have been missing a lot by not going there. In Elders Quorum
yesterday the President asked us, "Elders, what do you think you can
do to maintain your spirituality when you go home?" I've been thinking
about that a lot.

People say that you go home and instead of serving
others you have to get a job and work and get educated. But the
scripture in Jacob comes to my mind. "But before ye seek for riches,
seek ye for the kingdom of God. And after ye have obtained a hope in
Christ ye shall receive riches if ye seek them. But ye will seek them
for the intent to do good.". "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is

Our spirituality depends on the course we are taking in life. And
our course is guided by our desires or our intentions. Two RM's can go
home both find a job, buy a car, go to school, and be heading in
opposite directions because the intent of their actions are different.
What Jacob says applies not only to wealth but to everything in our
lives. What is the intent or desire behind doing the things we do?
That is what guides our spirituality and is supplemented by the upkeep
of daily spiritual experiences.

Ok verbal vomit over, thanks for reading if you got this far. Dad's
cursed me with the habit of thinking out loud..

Love you all!

Ofa Atu Elder Weiss

Sunday, March 15, 2015


From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: March 15, 2015 at 6:34:11 PM MDT
To: Cyndy Weiss <>

Dear President and Sister Back,

It was an interesting week. Forty at sacrament meeting on Sunday. I
was a little bit shocked. That's less than when I started my mission.

The Spanish Ward had 9 baptisms last year but I've never seen it
looking so flat. It wasn't real growth and "those who felt to sing the
song of redeeming love cannot feel so now". I don't think they were
enlisted in the rescue or given responsibilities.

The infrastructure of the ward is broken. Right now I wouldn't say they
are ready to support major growth. With the Bishop moving at the
end of the month the Ward is in a sort of limbo land.

We have talked about asking each
member of the ward council to visit one less active member each week
to try our best to mobilize the Ward council to save their ward.

There is not enough DOING but as always where things aren't happening there
is A LOT of talking. Revelation comes on the move and in this ward we
sit a wonder and talk about when the lightning bolt is going to strike
and wonder why nothing is changing yet.

Today I read 2 Nephi 4. Nephi is acknowledging how weak he is but that
he "know(s) in whom (he has) trusted". He speaks with such boldness
and certainty. I thought to myself, "Surely this is not the same Nephi
that said I will go and do." This is a different Nephi. This Nephi
says "I went and I did and I won't stop doing." The certainty that I
hear in his voice is something that I am beginning to feel in some
small part.

Just like Nephi, I, in the beginning was a good boy. I was
obedient and diligent. But now almost 22 months later I am a man

Yesterday we went to the rescue of a less active member,
Roberto, who came back to church my last week
in the spanish ward the first time I was here. I asked him some bold
questions, "When was the last time you used your priesthood to bless
your wife or children?" It had been over 2 years! "Will you give your
wife and children blessings?" He told us he had forgotten. "Can we
come back another time and help you?" He told us of an acquaintance
that was dying from cancer. "Can we go with you and give this man a
blessing when we come next Saturday?”

I am so weak. I can't do anything unless it's shown to me.
I depend on others to do everything for me. But thank God
that they have done it. They have taught and
mentored me so I can help others.

There is no joy so unexplainable
than to be guided by our Father to the rescue of one of his children.
I wish everyone could feel the joy of being God's hands. It's a power
so incomprehensible that it cannot be explained. Only through the
power of the Holy Ghost can we feel what it is like to live Eternal
Life. As we give all we posses to our Savior Jesus Christ, we begin to
live Eternal Life NOW.

"Oh wretched man that I am... but I know in whom I have trusted."

Love, Elder Weiss

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Suprising Twists and Turns

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Subject: Suprising twists and turns.
Date: March 9, 2015 at 9:32:42 PM MDT

"The first shall be last and the last shall be first." I'm dying
exactly where I was born. Back to El Barrio de Espanol. PW2!

I really wanted to end my mission in a branch in the bush. I volunteered to go
to the most remote area and I thought I had it in the bag but that
wasn't the plan for me. But on the bright side at the rate the Spanish
ward is dropping I'll be serving in a branch before the end of my

Sounds like there is not too much alofa (love) for the Spanish ward
right now. Six months ago there were three companionships
and now it's back to one. So pretty much identical to how I started my

Spanish is quite a challenge. Every day I'm learning how to
teach better in English and now trying to do that in Spanish should be
pretty tricky.

The great thing is that Ofa Amone is the high councilor
over the Spanish ward. He along with Brett Baker have had the biggest
impact on my mission. I'm excited to be working along side him again
but this time on the word level. We are meeting up with him tonight to
make the plan to save the Spanish ward!

About a year ago I wrote a really dramatic email about
how it was the last stand for the Spanish
ward and it was do or die. Well they did... but now it's still
dying... quite perplexing. I think they had 9 baptisms last year
compared to 0 in the previous 2 years but I guess ritual washing are
no good unless they clean us on the inside to eh?

Got to go to the temple today for the first time in 11 months! My mind
was opened and I began to understand. Symbolism has many layers and I
don't think anything typifies that better than the temple.

Too be honest I was pretty gutted to be transfered and released as Zone
Leader. When you are constantly thinking on how you can help other
people and it's a reocurring train of thought and then someone tells
you that it's no longer your train... it feels a bit empty... but
empty space always gets filled.

Yesterday we began re-teaching the first investigator I ever taught on
my mission. We just asked questions and let the spirit guide her to
her own answer. After about 20 min she asked us a Golden question and
she got the Golden answer. We have a return appointment for next week.
I've thought about this lady ever since I left the Spanish ward and
I'm so pleased to be able to teach her again.

I have a hard time letting go of people. Not everyone, but there are
some people that I worry about constantly. People I subconciously pray
for all the time. Ally is one of them. I left a lot of people like
that in Belconnen. It broke my heart to leave... I don't know what's
going to happen to me in four months when my entire life gets
gutted... Not looking forward to it...

Love you! Elder Weiss

Monday, March 2, 2015

Things are Clicking for Us

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: March 1, 2015 at 8:53:56 PM MST

Last P-day of the transfer! GAH! This transfer has come and gone too
bloody fast! I only have three more? That means at the pace my brain
is working I'll be home in like four days. I'm too young to die!!! I
feel like I'm in free fall wondering how bad it's gonna hurt when I
splat on the ground.

We are trying to master how to use our time
wisely so that we can fit as much possible into a day. In the past I
might have dropped by an investigators house without an appointment
but now there is not enough time! I can't be bothered wasting that
time so it's phone calls and set appointments only.

Yesterday I felt
like I was going to die! We had a goal for six member present lessons
because we had six appointments but like it sometimes happens the
squirrels climbed back up into their trees and we only had two. But
they were both great!  Our fellowship took a video of our lesson and
he's going to put it on a USB. Watching yourself teach is the next
level! #Distric3

This week we invited heaps more people to be baptised
and they said “yes". If you follow the Fundamental Lesson's suggestion
to invite to be baptized on the first and __ lesson and set a date no
later than the second lesson you will see a lot of people come and go.
But after a small while of doing this you will have a teaching pool
that is serious about your message.

I finally feel like I'm starting
to figure this mission thing out and I've only got three transfers
left! I've worked hard and had a strong desire all my mission but I've
misunderstood the right way to go about it. Elder Shelton and myself
have committed ourselves to studying 1 hr of fundamentals a day during
a slow part of the day. I hope that is alright. We feel like trying to
align ourselves is as important if not more so than going out and

We are trying to figure out how to do two handed pushups.
Because before we were trying to set a pushup record with one hand at
a time. Hasn't worked so well. But we have seen ourselves improve in
all areas of the work as we have emphasized fundamentals. I feel like
missionary work is a tricky game. When you want 3 new investigators in
a week you won't get it. When you are trying to be more loving you

Elder Bednar said that attaining Christ-like attributes occurs
as we sincerely desire the welfare of others. I feel like missionary
work is the same. If we want numbers for the sake of numbers, God
won't let you have them. Doing so would strengthen trust in one's self
and not in God, so he waits. But when we sincerely want to help OTHERS
then God strengthens us to be what he wants us to be.

I asked myself
this question, "If I were to have absurd amounts of sucess as a
missionary, would I keep some for myself?" Unfortunately for me the
answer is yes. My motives are not the same as God's motives. My heart
is not as pure as God's heart. But the more I feel concern for the
welfare of others, the more spiritual power I will receive and the
more people I can help, which coincidentally raises key indicators.

Maybe I don't understand why Key Indicators ARE KEY INDICATORS. If I
understood better "why" then I would use that to satisfy the needs of
others and not my personal agenda. I'm asking myself the question
again, "Who am I?" and it's not because of how fat I am. I feel like
I've won the lottery with my mission. I've learned so much, but I
don't deserve it. I don't get it. Why did I get so lucky? I'm not more
special than anyone else. I feel like anything that is good in my life
is something that was given to me. We all come into this world
depending on others... I guess that never changes.

Hope things are clicking for you like they are clicking for us!

Love Elder Weiss

Sunday, February 22, 2015


From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: February 22, 2015 at 9:16:19 PM MST

I don't feel like I should be emailing you every day, but that's what
it feels like because all last week feels like one day and here I am
again at the library.

This week was a roller coaster of emotions.
Having recommitted ourselves to the fundamentals we began to feel the
spirit hasten the work. Elder Shelton and I feel like we've built our
missionary work foundations on sand. We've over complicated it all and
now it's time to get back to basics.

On wednesday we had a trade offs.
I went with Elder Osmeni from Albania. We had a great day. The
highlight of the day was a lesson taught over the phone. Our
investigator called and left a message saying that she wanted to talk.
We had found her as a potential my second week here and have gone by
consistently once a week to follow up if she had read the book of
Mormon that we left the first time. She finally had last week and we
committed her to pray.

We began speaking on the phone and I asked her
about her prayer. She said it was awkward and that she didn't feel
anything so she quit. I didn't quite know what to say but the spirit
guided me to ask inspired questions. I asked her what she was praying
for? She replied, “For nothing. I just talked and it was weird." She
didn't even ask a question.

I began to ask her how committed she would
be if she got an answer. She replied that she'd follow the answer. I
asked if she would go to church and be baptized. She finally realized
that honestly she didn't want to give anything up to know God. I told
her that this knowledge is worth more than anything else in this world
and it doesn't come cheap. You have to be willing to act. She wanted
what she called "quick and easy”.

I told her you have to do something
extra if you wants something extraordinary. She agreed. I said, “Madaleine,
you know what’s extraordinary? 9am church for three hours."
The spirit spoke without me even thinking I promised, “Madaleine, you
will receive an answer to your prayer if you come to church this Sunday.
Will you come?" The phone was silent. Then eventually she said
“OK, I'll be there." When I hung up I was so pumped! It was an amazing
experience and I couldn't wait for Sunday to come.

On Saturday Elder Bednar came and gave us a conference. He was so
funny and different from how I would have thought. It was astounding. On
our way back we got caught up in Sydney traffic trying to get to the
mission office for some supplies and then later back home. We still
had an hour and a half to go at 9:30 at night. As we were driving I
began to feel sleepy as my companion drove.

I decided to check the
phone and I saw one new message. It was Madaleine. "Hi guys, I've
decided I don't want to go to church to tomorrow and I don't want to
go forward with reading the book or the prayers." Stunned I lay my
head up against the window and starred at the stars in the night sky
in painful agony asking myself over and over again, "Why?". Too
exhausted from the trip to cry and my mind running too quickly for me
to fall asleep I just lay there thinking.

We got home a little after 11 PM and staggered into the flat. I got
ready for bed then I kneeled down to say my prayers in the dark. As I
prayed I began to sob silently so that nobody could hear. Tears fell
from my eyes and dotted the floor. I was encompassed in spiritual
agony that I'd never before felt. "Why?" I thought, “would God let me
feel this way. Punch me, hit me, but don't let me feel this pain.”

Soon the answers came. God feels this way all the time when his
children disappoint him. I'd only met this lady and he has known her
forever. If I felt that bad then how would he feel? But to God, paying
that price is worth it. It was the price he knew he'd have to pay to
give his children all that he had. Our agency or freedom to choose
means that God weeps and soaks his pillow with his tears also. But he
also shouts for joy each time we choose to let him bless us.

The growth I've experience in 20 months is worth more than the entire
world to me. I hope I can give something back. I thank all of you for
the ways that you have touched my life and helped me to grow. So small
and so weak, but still people love me. I've have truly been broken.

Love Elder Weiss

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hastening the Work of Salvation

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: February 15, 2015 at 6:05:39 PM MST

This week has been crazy. Sunday we got up and showered straight away
and skipped breakfast so we could be studying at 7 because there was
no other time in the day that we could fit it.

We've accumulated so many new investigators
but we have a fair few not keeping appointments
so we are running all over everywhere to meet people but things keep
falling through. A lot of work and a little progress.

We began to
stray from the fundamentals. But now we are different. We can do it
today! Nothing can stop us when we are aligned with the most powerful
being in the universe. I'm ending my mission right where I began, with
the 12 week program and 8 fundamental lessons.

I've requested to be transferred to Merimbula to finish my mission.
It's a branch on the coast full of retired people. Pretty small town.
Elder Shelton started his mission there. He said it was great.
President was going to go see if they should go shut down the area
for missionary work. I'm sooo keen. You already know there would
be so much work to do. I really would like to give it a crack!

Life is soo good! Yesterday we received the Area Broadcast.
They essentially re-emphasized the same things as
in 2013 and 2014. Have you read the area broadcast for Northern Utah?
Are you in alignment with your priesthood leaders? The Friday before
last I gave a training at ZTM about individuals and families. That's
how God thinks. If we want to do what he does and be who he is we have
to think how he thinks. We need to constantly be thinking about
individuals and families. Letting that guide our actions is called
eternal life.

I learned this by the spirit but also by being prompted
from my studies of the Handbook 2. Handbook 2 was given me by Ofa
Amone the high councilor over missionary work in Fairfield Stake. He
said in affect that Zone Leaders are missionary works high councilor's
so I should know what's in that book. So I got a good read of a lot of
it but my fun all came to an end this past weekend when president told
me to turn it in.... Darn.

But this past weekend was stake conference
and it was quite validating. I told the missionaries in my training
the other week, "For the rest of your lives you will hear this phrase
again and again, 'Individuals and Families' because that is what our
church is about and that is how God thinks." Then in almost every talk
given on Saturday and Sunday and in the Area Broadcast they used the
phrase, "Individuals and Families". Each time they said it I looked at
my companion and smiled. He said to me with a grinn, "You've cracked
the code". All the Elders and Sisters were saying, "Elder Weiss did
you hear what they said? Individuals and Families!" It's amazing that
the weekend that God had taught me and guided me to teach others right
before this stake conference. It's a testimony to me of how important
it is to him that we understand what he's worried about. I hope that
at least one zone of missionaries has got the picture.

This is the Lords work. I've never done anything so ridiculously full on. And I've
never felt more satisfaction and joy. I hope you are all fully engaged
in hastening the work of salvation. What are you going to do
differently today to hasten the work? Today, Today, Today! Do it
today. Those who understand the Lord's work feel an incredible sense
of urgency. We don't have enough time to do all that we need to do. It
physically isn't possible. But the Lord likes doing impossible. So get
aligned and enjoy the ride.

Love, Elder Weiss

Monday, February 9, 2015

No End...

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: February 8, 2015 at 8:40:20 PM MST

This week was a big down and up and down and we are starting to come
up again. At the beginning of the week we had a meeting with other
zone leaders and the sister training leaders in the mission. We
counseled and discussed the needs and solutions for our mission.

In the estimation of myself and Elder Shelton we came to the wrong
conclussions. We were the only ones that disagreed. We wondered
together, "How can't they see that this is wrong?” We were afraid of the
negative consequences that this would have on our zone.

That night and the next day we went on trade-offs with the Assistants. When the
trade off ended we asked each other, "What are we supposed to do about
this?" "What can we do about this?”

Brother Baker had set up an appointment for us that night which ended
up falling through and notwithstanding his attempts to find other people to come,
nothing worked out and it was just us and him and another member, Julius.
We talked about our concern and he shared a similar experience that he
had. He fasted and prayed. We got home that night and decided we need
to fast as well.

The next morning in personal study I remembered
advice I'd received from Dad and David which was to expect revelation
on your feet while you're moving. So we decided an action we could take
would be to write a letter and express our concerns to President and
then call him and discuss it with him over the phone.

So in the middle of comp study we took off to the chapel and began organizing our
thoughts. After over two hours of disussion and writing we had a three
page thesis written. We sent it to Brother Baker to review because he
just happens to be a Journal Editor for Australia’s National
University. He gave us feedback, we reworked it, and sent it off.

After the whole process was over we gave President a call. He didn't
answer the first time but wanting to let him know it was important we
tried to leave another missed call on his phone but to our surprise he
answered the phone.

Elder Shelton explained the situation and asked if
he would read the letter. He said he would and then said, "You know
it's funny you should call, I was just thinking about you two and how
things turned out on Tuesday. I'm ready to say you can continue with
it the way you want and the rest of the mission will change.”

We were astounded. We thought this was going to be a messy process
and it was going to be a long conversation but the Lord just fixed it for us. I
know he only did that because he saw how serious we were but he made
that phone call last about 2 minutes and we got what we wanted.

I realized that God was aware of two 20 year old missionaries in
Canberra typing away on a clerk’s office computer. He knew the anxiety
in our hearts and the seriousness of our plea. Before we had even
started typing, God was already working to fix the situation because
he knew what we would do.

That is called Omniscience. That is the God I know.
The God that can make a big difference with just a little bit
of faith. The Church of Jesus Christ is on the earth again and will be
forever. And they all lived on happily ever after!


Love, Elder Weiss

Monday, February 2, 2015

On Top of the World

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: February 1, 2015 at 8:22:10 PM MST

Dear Family,

This week we were on top of the world again. We were given 8 more
souls to look after in our teaching pool. With investigators flooding
our area book it's never been more important to be organized than right

Tuesday Bro Green asked us if we could come with him to visit a
former investigator boy that lived in his neighborhood. We went and he
said he wants to be baptized but his mum doesn't think he should be
baptized twice. We asked him to pray about a date and we'd make a plan
to work with his mum. On Saturday we went to visit Bro Green to talk
about Ngor and when we got there he said "Elders we don't have much
time but I'll cook you lunch. We are about to go play soccer with
bishop’s kids." Nik minute he calls Ngor and invites him and his brother
and their friend and HIS brother to ALL go play at the park and then
he says Elders come along and you can teach a lesson! BOOM. That is
members and missionaries working together. This ward is amazing.

Last night we taught our Cambodian neighbors with Brother Baker. It
was a couple and their friend. He had previously shared with us an
experience about how he had prayed everyday for his boys back in
Cambodia since we had invited him to pray. Since then he's felt more
peace and slept better at night. Also when their kids skype they have
longer more engaging conversations. We taught him the gospel of Jesus
Christ and committed him to be baptized on the 28th of March. He and
his wife and their friend all accepted. Their childlike humility and
spiritual sensativity astounds me. I wonder if I had been born in a
different religion if I would have ever found my way back. I hope I
would be as humble as my Cambodian neighbors.

Love you all!

Elder Weiss

Monday, January 26, 2015

This is the Lord's Work!

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: January 26, 2015 at 7:39:22 PM MST

Dear Family,

Transfers yesterday. Elder Johnson and I had a great transfer. We
revitalized the area by finding 22 new investigators but now it's a
matter of helping them become solid. We were both proud of the boost
that happened in the area while we were there.

My new companion is Elder Shelton. He was my district
leader and now he's my companion!
It's SO funny because he's a geeky computer person that is obsessed
with Windows 7 and Lynux but our brains operate so much the same way.
He's a lot smarter than I am so living with him for all last
transfer, every night when we'd go to bed I'd ask him questions about
the Gospel…a fountain of knowledge.

The fire was tested intensely this week. Only two new investigators
and a lot of self doubt and self introspection. I love having Elder
Shelton as a companion. We think the same way and he talks me through
my doubts and discouragements. It hit me pretty hard this week that
this is the Lord's work.

After failed appointments or when we have a bit of extra time
we'll knocks some doors. Usually we pick two and end
up doing five because I am so afraid that there is somebody there... I
asked Brother Baker about it and he told me how on his mission he
baptized a lady whose house they had previously tracted. The lady was
at home but her grandmother answered the door. He wondered, "God, we
knocked the RIGHT door at the RIGHT time, and the RIGHT person was
even there but the WRONG person came to the door. WHY?”

He said that he realized that the Lord does His work regardless of what we do.
Our diligence is our expression of love and our desire to be a part of HIS
work. I realized that hard work is an expression of faith and love and
not a down payment for success. If it was, this would be OUR work and
God would be like a middle man to our success. I’m grateful for those
people that God has put in my life to help me and guide because, boy,
do I need it.

I hope YOU people see miracles too!

Love, Elder Weiss

Monday, January 19, 2015

Wake Up and Do Something EXTRAORDINARY!

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: January 18, 2015 at 7:25:25 PM MST

Dear Citizens of the Planet,

Hear ye! Hear ye! We are children of the All Powerful God. Our
potential is without limit. Stop feeling like you are just another
drop in the bucket! You have a divine inheritance and you can withdraw
from it right now. A limitless inheritance. Our spiritual geneaology
goes back one generation straight to God the Father. Get up and go
blow some holes in the negativity in this world! We can ALL make a
difference! Rich people have rich kids. Why? Because to them it's not
"rich" it's just normal. Becoming wealthy themselves isn't hard
because it's the mentality they've been brought up with.

Poor people are the same. They think financial stability is a
novelty and that the way THEY are is "normal". There are many
"normals" in this world. Which normal will we pick? In eternity their
are many normals... which will we pick? Those who KNOW who they are
KNOW what normal is. What is "normal" for a child of God seems
extraordinary to a child of this world. Choose for yourself what
normal is. Find your divine heritage and understand your own potential
and you will own your destiny.

When I ask people, "What do you feel is your purpose in life?" They
often cannot give me a straight answer. After a few seconds of the
typical "errs" and “umms”, instead of giving me a purpose they define
their own life for me. "Have fun. Be kind and see where life takes
you." If they put their expectations right where their performance is
then they don't feel like a failure.

That's like the Spanish national team saying "Hold on people. We
actually never wanted to do good in the World Cup so that's why
we let Brazil thump us!" Are you kidding me?

Because people don't have a full understanding of who they are and why
they are here and where they are going that make up a purpose that
justifies themselves. Justification never helped anyone rise to a
higher level of success.

Make “extra" feel ordinary to you and then you'll start finding success.

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have a
knowledge of their divine identity. If we truly know in our hearts
where we come from, mediocrity is not a suitable outcome.


Love Elder Weiss

Monday, January 12, 2015

Transparent Obstacles

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: January 11, 2015 at 7:49:50 PM MST
To: Cyndy Weiss <>

This week, my life changed. I learned something that changes
everything. President Pearson came on Tuesday to Mission Leadership
Council. He basically told us we are the worst... actually we were the
worst. He told us we are ineffective and faithless. "Sydney is not the
problem!! It's the way you're thinking!" "We are not looking for
needles in haystacks here!" On wednesday we had zone conference with
him which was even better. He taught us that how we view ourselves
determines who we become. He said that this is what everyone needs to
acheive salvation. Every person needs an identity. If we have a fire
in our hearts that we are children of God then we know we can achieve
greatness. Everyone says life is in your head. What you believe you
can achieve. I always believe that's just a fairy tale. If belief
means hard work. As long as I work hard enough I'll get what I want,
right? FALSE!

Remember that movie "The Secret"? I thought that was soo stupid, but
I didn't understand it. It all clicked in my head last Friday during
personal study. The day prior I was sitting studying when I looked
over at the window sill next to my desk. I was 8-10 little flies lying
on their back dead. All but one who continued kicking his legs
desperately with the last remaining strength that he had. These bugs
had exhausted all their strength trying to fly through the seemingly
non-existent window. In their heads that was the way to get out. When
at first it didn't work the bug gritted his hypothetical teeth and
said, "Well this is the way out so I'll just try again." Over and over
again he tried but the fruits of the 100th attempt yielded the same
fruits as the first attempt and like-wise the last. The bug fought
with all it's might and strength but it's mind was closed all the

On my mission when things didn't turn out how I wanted it to I didn't
think twice, I kept working and trying the best I knew how. I thought
maybe I'm just supposed to be a seed planter. I've tried my absolute
best for 18 months and things haven't really turned out the way I
hoped, "But this IS the way... isn't it? So I'll do all I can until my
time is up and I'll fall onto my back and lay there kicking my legs
till I die." On Wednesday President Pearson grabbed me, shook me up,
and showed me that next to the window there is a wide open door.

There are transparent obstacles that stop us from achieving greatness.
Just because these obstacles are not perceivable with our physical
eyes, that does not make them any less effective it hurting our
progress. With a positive faithful attitude we literally move
intangible obstacles out of our way. The world starts to move how we
believe it can. Such spiritual power to move these mental or spiritual
obstacles can only come through a correct understanding of our
identity. We are Children of the most powerful being in the universe.
We can do AMAZING things. It's in ALL of us. We have limitless
potential. We all knew this before we were born but by choosing to
come to this earth we chose to leave this memory behind so that we
could choose our divine potential.

If only people knew what they are capable of, they would no longer
settle with lives of instant self-gratification. Instead they would
choose lives of power and glory. "The power is in us"!!! We "are
agents unto ourselves." With P-day, MLC in Sydney, Zone conference,
and weekly planning, we didn't get a normal day of proselyting until
Friday. All together we had about 3 1/2 days of proselyting and we did
more work in 3 1/2 days than we did in the entire previous week. We
found a new investigator Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and on Sunday we
found three, one of which accepted an baptismal date on the first
lesson! Am I working harder? No! I already did that. I believe that I
can achieve greatness, therefore the intangible, spiritual obstacles
that once slowed me down have been moved out of my way.

"Spiritual matter is the same as physical matter but it is finer and
purer." One day we will all see that "It is all matter." One quick
experience that I had last night before I end this "lecture on faith".
When we believe that we are can do great things, the Holy Ghost and
communicate to us more openly.

Last night we had just finished doing some visits with our ward
mission leader. He dropped us off at the end of his driveway next to
our car. As I got in the car I saw this house that we had parked in
front of. I thought maybe I should knock it, but we needed to get back
to collect numbers so we drove away. I had this sick feeling that
there was something wrong. I told my companion, "I don't feel good, we
need to go back." I pulled a U-turn and parked where we had been
parked one minute earlier. We got out and knocked the door. "Hello we
are just asking some questions today." "Ok like what?" The bearded man
responded. "Well, for you what are your feelings about God?" "No
thanks!" *SLAM*. But the feeling in my stomach persisted. I told my
companion, "Just one more door and then we'll go".

We knocked on the door and blond women in her 30's came to the door.
She smiled and said "Hey guys how can I help you?" We asked what her
feelings about God were. "I don't believe he exists." "Ok what led you
to that conclusion?" My companion says. "I just can't get over how
much bad there is in the world. Those children that died in that
orphanage in Pakistan didn't choose to be there. They didn't choose to
die." "God gives all of us the right to choose and some misuse it and
hurt others" "But if he gives us the right to choose how come those
children died? They did choose to die. Did they?" We taught that
before this life we lived with God as spirits and we all had the
choice to come here to gain and body and learn from our experiences.
"So you're saying we did have a choice?"

Minute by minute as the conversation had been going the spirit and
started to creep in. When she realized that we all had a choice she
began to get emotional. We taught her of her divine potential and
tears began to flow down her cheeks. We said to her. "Thank you so much
for listening to us and letting us share what we know." She explained
that in two years she had never had religious people come to her door.
That week her friend had died and we were the second people to knock
on her door that weekend. All of a sudden she knew God was real and
she felt his love.

Hope filled this lady's eyes as we stood there in the dark with just a
small porch light. This "atheist" had just felt her fathers love and
the Holy Ghost. That changed everything. And the cycle goes on for all
of those who know their true identity will help all of their brothers
and sisters to do the same.

I know God loves his children.

Love, Elder Weiss

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Pics from Down Under-Jan 2015

 Elder Ubina with Elder Weiss.  A great team.
 Elder Weiss and his trainers.
 Aussie 2012 Gold Medalist (Shot Put) with the Elders.
Funny Sticker Joe took a picture of.

Planting Seeds in the Lord's Vineyard

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: January 4, 2015 at 6:53:16 PM MST

We had a great week. Last Sunday we resolved that we would fast for
new investigators because our teaching pool was a puddle and and we
had be bageled for new investigators for two weeks straight.

We fasted
and went finding every day to plant seeds in the Lords vineyard. As a
result we found five new investigators. Dylan, Dean, Gari, Siri, and
Saram. Thursday night we were visiting a recent convert with one of
our members when the recent convert's housemate just came and sat
down. We taught about baptisms for the dead and invited the recent
convert to go to the temple with Brother Baker our ward mission
leader. He was a bit iffy but his housemate said to him, "Raymond you
should go! If I were you and had the chance I'd go." The member,
Julius, is a recent RM. He said "Dean have you ever known someone that
died without baptism? What do you believe happens to them?" He fumble
for words for a while and said assertively, "I believe in the baptisms
for the dead. Yeah that makes a lot of sense!"

Siri and Saram are neighbors down the road. They are sent here by the
Cambodian government so Siri the husband can study. They have 2 kids
still back in Cambodia. They are also here for two years. They grew up
Buddahists but now aren't very strong in their religion. We taught them
that God is their loving father and that because of Jesus Christ those
filthy feelings of guilt that we get can be washed away so we don't
have to feel them any more. Siri started tearing up as we taught. He
felt something.

I realized this week that I don't mind it when people slam the doors
in my face anymore. If they aren't ready then I'm off to find someone
that is. I used to try to talk them out of being atheist or talk them
into being interested but it doesn't work.

The Lord prepares the
hearts and I'm just there to check and see if they are ready yet. I
wish I could go serve in Bathurst again or in a branch somewhere so
that I could do heaps of tracting with my new and improved attitude
for it.

6 months left... Never been a better time to be a missionary! Ride
like the wind bulllseye!!

Ofatu, Elder Weiss