Sunday, May 17, 2015

I Know God is Bound to Send Me a Blessing

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: May 17, 2015 at 9:05:46 PM MDT

I'm not gonna lie, that (Mother’s Day) phone call threw my whole week off. But I'm
back on track now. The whole week I just felt a bit dead.

Elder O'reardon visited our Stake Conference on Sunday and he told us of
something that Elder Bednar told him. He said that "As soon as someone
obeys a principle of the gospel they qualify for the temporary
companionship of the Holy Ghost.”

I realized that we as missionaries have many rules and each time
we obey one we receive a little bit more of the Spirit and a little
more faith. I realized that I had become
slack about small things like getting out the door before meal times
are up and talking to everyone.

Disobedience is numbing and decreases
your spiritual capacity to do miracles. Obedience turns the world into
a place of possibility and faith. Each time I get out the door before
meal time is up, I know God is bound to send me a blessing. So I wait
and watch as the hand of God unfolds itself.

We thought our Stake was
getting split this weekend but NOPE! That's ok though. Next time!
Stake conference was packed back to the stage. Elder O'rearden kept
saying something that I found interesting. He said, "Stake Conference
is a time of miracles." He told us of all the miracles that he sees as
he goes from one stake to the next and goes out to the rescue with the
Stake President.

He instructed us as priesthood holders that we should
never make a visit without an appointment. Setting an appointment
gives them time to reflect on why you are coming and the Holy Ghost
can start working in them. It's powerful to hear the servants of the
Lord talk about the miracles that they've seen. As they move their
feet, the Lord guides their steps.

Love you all!

Elder Weiss

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