Sunday, April 26, 2015

Members and Missionaries Unite

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: April 26, 2015 at 8:46:50 PM MDT

Sorry to hear about Grandma passing. Mum and Dad you need to never die

What a week! Crawling on our arms and knees all week but it was soo
worth it. So things had taken a turn for the worse and basically we
had nothing to do. So we spent a lot of time walking around talking to
people looking for Spanish speakers. Us and Elder Edmondson and Jones.
Between us we probably spent 10 hours in Fairfield just talking to

Sunday came around and the four of us stood there in chapel
foyer holding the doors for the people. They were excited to see the
other elders were back. When we went in to sit down we noticed there
was a lot better attendance. We went from 37 the week before to 57!
yay! It was great to see after a less than easy week.

The best part
was still yet to come. We organized four members to go on spits with
all of us after church! Legend!! There hadn't been that much
cooperation between members and missionaries since black bears roamed

I went with our faithful old Hermano Romero. We went to
visit a potential investigator that is a friend of his. She didn't
answer so we began walking back to the car. As we crossed the street
we saw a lady three houses down looking at us. After a few moments she
called out to the member in Spanish! We began talking to her from a
distance and eventually went to her front yard to have a yarn to her.

She told us how she gives the English sisters juice and biscuits when
they come by. She invited us in and one thing led to another and we
were having a gospel conversation but she didn't seem like someone
that was ready to change. But as it went on she said, "You don't seem
like other boys your age. You don't hear boys your age talk and act
the way you do.”

At the end of the lesson I told testified to her how
the gospel has blessed me and my family. I shared Moroni 6:4-6 and
told her "I am the way I am because my name was taken down and I was
nourished by the good word of God. I know God has blessing for all who
attend his church." She told us that she had been to many churches to
never to a Mormon church. I gave her the Book of Mormon and she said
we could come back on Wednesday.

The key to this all was THE MEMBER!
If it weren't for him we never would have met that lady! Miracles
happen when MEMBERS AND MISSIONARIES are united in the Lords work!
Probably one of the best Sundays of my mission. I hope it keeps

Love you all,

Elder Weiss

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