Monday, January 26, 2015

This is the Lord's Work!

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: January 26, 2015 at 7:39:22 PM MST

Dear Family,

Transfers yesterday. Elder Johnson and I had a great transfer. We
revitalized the area by finding 22 new investigators but now it's a
matter of helping them become solid. We were both proud of the boost
that happened in the area while we were there.

My new companion is Elder Shelton. He was my district
leader and now he's my companion!
It's SO funny because he's a geeky computer person that is obsessed
with Windows 7 and Lynux but our brains operate so much the same way.
He's a lot smarter than I am so living with him for all last
transfer, every night when we'd go to bed I'd ask him questions about
the Gospel…a fountain of knowledge.

The fire was tested intensely this week. Only two new investigators
and a lot of self doubt and self introspection. I love having Elder
Shelton as a companion. We think the same way and he talks me through
my doubts and discouragements. It hit me pretty hard this week that
this is the Lord's work.

After failed appointments or when we have a bit of extra time
we'll knocks some doors. Usually we pick two and end
up doing five because I am so afraid that there is somebody there... I
asked Brother Baker about it and he told me how on his mission he
baptized a lady whose house they had previously tracted. The lady was
at home but her grandmother answered the door. He wondered, "God, we
knocked the RIGHT door at the RIGHT time, and the RIGHT person was
even there but the WRONG person came to the door. WHY?”

He said that he realized that the Lord does His work regardless of what we do.
Our diligence is our expression of love and our desire to be a part of HIS
work. I realized that hard work is an expression of faith and love and
not a down payment for success. If it was, this would be OUR work and
God would be like a middle man to our success. I’m grateful for those
people that God has put in my life to help me and guide because, boy,
do I need it.

I hope YOU people see miracles too!

Love, Elder Weiss

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