Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Speaking in church this Sunday!

Elder Weiss arrived home yesterday Tuesday, July 14.  He will be speaking in church Sunday, July 19 at 1 PM Lundstrom park third ward building on 1600 east and 1200 N. in Logan Utah.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Marathon in the "Land of Can't Do It Alone"

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Subject: Jokes!
Date: July 5, 2015 at 10:09:39 PM MDT

Well this is a bit crazy. I remember when Will emailed me his last
P-day in Chile. I'm not ready to come home. I don't feel like I belong
somewhere else. Just when we think God's made something great out of
us he tells us “Sorry, son, that was pretty much a vague outline. If you
want to be something great your gonna have to winge a lot less and let
me chisel a lot more.”

So here I am, coming in hot for a belly flop
landing into the lake of real life. And then a marathon in the land of
I can't do it alone. At least I'll be in good company. We had our big
activity. You can check us out on

It was over the top. But that's how we do things in among the
Avengers (aka The Spanish Four #vivaespana)

Well my brain is a bit fried from the personal panic attack that's
been personally hitting home as in inside my personal self. So yeah...

The second attempt didn't turn out much better than the first... oh well

Love you heaps!
Aroha Nui
Les Quiero

Elder Weiss