Sunday, June 21, 2015

Perseverar hasta el fin!

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: June 21, 2015 at 9:30:41 PM MDT

Perseverance is the true test of desire. I'm being tested. I look at
myself now and I feel like I've been better in other times of my
mission but I think I've never been more self critical either.

Everybody asks you "So how long have you been out?" or "When do you go
home again?". I still can't grasp how long three weeks will be or even
stopping doing this. Perseverar hasta el fin! These last weeks are
critical. They will show what sort of a man I am. They will chart my
course for everything following. Let's stop talking about it.

Yesterday I translated at church for the first time. It went good. The
guy gave a talk about the power of music. Later that day we went to
the rescue with Bishop Espinoza to a part member family. The mum is a
former investigator and the daughter is a member. We rocked up and she
told us she wasn't interested in learning more and her daughter

We stood there listening and then the spirit brought words
back to me that I had translated in sacrament meeting. I remembered
the power of music. I asked her if we could come in and sing a song.
The three of us sang "I am a child of God" and then bore our
testimonies. Subtly and bit by bit the spirit began to fill the room.
My companion asked if we could come by the following week and she said,

BOOM! Take that evil influences of Satan. Get thee hence bro!
Every day there is some sort of miracle like that.

On Thursday we went
to teach Ally with Sister Espinoza. I think I asked maybe a question
or two the entire lesson but Elder Jones was so inspired I don't even
remember what he said but it was powerful and then Sister Espinoza
shared her conversion story and it was full of miracles and built
Ally's faith. She committed to pray about what she reads in the Book
of Mormon and to come to church this Sunday coming. She was the first
person I taught in Australia so this is two years in the making. I
hope she makes it.

Lately I've been sharing my testimony straightforward to people. The
power of the spirit in testimony always amazes me. I feel like it's
something I didn't know how to use till this last week. As we say in
the spanish ward "Chupa Chupar". I don't even know how they even let
me come on a mission. The patience that God has with us is just...
whuff... I don't not if I could handle a pet turtle let alone billions
of spirit children. How he does it is beyond me.

Well if you’re still awake at this point in the letter congratulate you.
And if not, "Wo, wo, wo!!"

Love yous heaps maties! Let’s go till tha wurld lahds!

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