Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mercy is the Only Explanation

The days are long but the weeks are... I don't know where they are...
they just disappear!

Pretty much the same old life and stories so I'll
just tell you so things I've learned this week.
1) The sacrament works. When we are honest and look to make a specific
change their is power that comes into our lives.
2) Fasting works. I have gained a love for fasting on my mission. It's
explainable but the difference is certain.
3) The reason we have a testimony is to help us change. Growing up I
always had a testimony but looking back I never really knew why. On my
mission I have applied my testimony and the result is that I am
changing. Also known as conversion. We don't know for the sake of
knowing. We know for the sake of doing and changing. I think that's
pretty critical.

I loved the book I got for my birthday! I love all your notes and
such. If someone could email me if we can skype at 11am my time that'd
be shweet!

You guys are gonna have to give me a prompt or something because when
I write these letters it feels like bloody Groundhogs day every

Love you all so much!

Still not sure how I won the lottery of life... mercy is the only explanation.

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