Monday, June 15, 2015

New Beginnings-Bishop Espinoza

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: June 14, 2015 at 10:20:05 PM MDT

Dear Family,

Big news from the Spanish Ward this week. Our main man, Brother
Espinoza, is now Bishop Espinoza. New beginnings and a fresh start to
try and make things happen.

Last Sunday as he was bearing his
testimony I thought to myself, "He could be our next bishop". He was
so emotional he wasn't able to finish his testimony that day. He's not
a good talker... and for that I am so grateful.

There are three kinds
of members:
Those that make it happen.
Those that watch it happen.
And those who ask "what happened?”.
The more of the first kind of person  you have in your ward council the
more your ward will progress.

Dad has got me worried about plateauing spiritually when I go home. Today I
made a bubble chart to try and organize what my vision of what I want
to do/be as a Returned Missionary. Time is ticking waaay to fast!

This week we found 4  new investigators. I hope with all
my heart that they progress. Not
that I don't love contacting for countless hours but it's nice to
teach every now and again.

This week I had a big break through about Prayer. Sometimes as
missionaries we say prayers but we don't really mean it. For example
we are supposed to pray every time we leave the flat... some
missionaries pray every time they get out of the car... But just like
the novelty of a cake wears off when you work in a bakery the same
thing can happen to prayer if we aren't careful.

The realization was
this; What good does it ever do to pray and not be able to feel the
Holy Ghost in your prayer? I'm sure in some way it does something but
I feel like praying just for praying's sake is like someone talking
just for talking's sake. It misses the mark. If I don't feel the Holy
Ghost during a prayer it's because I'm not tuning in.

Why have a radio
if you don't tune in? Why get baptized and have the Gift of the Holy
Ghost and not tune in? If you aren't tuning in during a prayer, when
are you planning to tune in? ARE you planning to tune in? As Elder
Pearson would say, "It's something to think about..."

Love you all! Pray that I don't think about home at all! I have four
good weeks to give. The final kick starts now.

Elder Weiss

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