Sunday, April 26, 2015

Members and Missionaries Unite

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: April 26, 2015 at 8:46:50 PM MDT

Sorry to hear about Grandma passing. Mum and Dad you need to never die

What a week! Crawling on our arms and knees all week but it was soo
worth it. So things had taken a turn for the worse and basically we
had nothing to do. So we spent a lot of time walking around talking to
people looking for Spanish speakers. Us and Elder Edmondson and Jones.
Between us we probably spent 10 hours in Fairfield just talking to

Sunday came around and the four of us stood there in chapel
foyer holding the doors for the people. They were excited to see the
other elders were back. When we went in to sit down we noticed there
was a lot better attendance. We went from 37 the week before to 57!
yay! It was great to see after a less than easy week.

The best part
was still yet to come. We organized four members to go on spits with
all of us after church! Legend!! There hadn't been that much
cooperation between members and missionaries since black bears roamed

I went with our faithful old Hermano Romero. We went to
visit a potential investigator that is a friend of his. She didn't
answer so we began walking back to the car. As we crossed the street
we saw a lady three houses down looking at us. After a few moments she
called out to the member in Spanish! We began talking to her from a
distance and eventually went to her front yard to have a yarn to her.

She told us how she gives the English sisters juice and biscuits when
they come by. She invited us in and one thing led to another and we
were having a gospel conversation but she didn't seem like someone
that was ready to change. But as it went on she said, "You don't seem
like other boys your age. You don't hear boys your age talk and act
the way you do.”

At the end of the lesson I told testified to her how
the gospel has blessed me and my family. I shared Moroni 6:4-6 and
told her "I am the way I am because my name was taken down and I was
nourished by the good word of God. I know God has blessing for all who
attend his church." She told us that she had been to many churches to
never to a Mormon church. I gave her the Book of Mormon and she said
we could come back on Wednesday.

The key to this all was THE MEMBER!
If it weren't for him we never would have met that lady! Miracles
happen when MEMBERS AND MISSIONARIES are united in the Lords work!
Probably one of the best Sundays of my mission. I hope it keeps

Love you all,

Elder Weiss

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spanish Panic Attack

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: April 20, 2015 at 8:18:08 PM MDT
To: Cyndy Weiss <>

Dear family,

As it was once so succinctly stated by a young boy recounting his own
"Kid History"... "TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!! This last transfer felt about
two weeks long. These next two will be even faster.

My sons are back
in the Spanish ward! and my grandson and great-grandson are in the
zone in a different ward. It seems as though I will depart this
mission life with my family around me. If my mission was a lifetime
I'd be 88. Hey man!!! What's going on here!! 

This past week we
brought our relief society president to our lesson with Ally. It was
amazing because they both attended the same churches but at different
times and both studied with the Jehovah's Witnesses. Her experiences
were just perfect for our investigator and we had no clue.

I feel like
missionary letters are always the same... That's kind of why I stopped
reading my siblings... I don't really know how to spice things up for
you. It just feels like a censored version of my journal... Well I'll
keeping saying something for those that want to read something.

like my trainer is going to come visit us when I come home... and then
I'm gonna go visit Colombia to improve my Spanish at some point. Last
night my head didn't stop thinking in Spanish. It was Elder Jones and
Elder Edmondson's first day back in the ward yesterday. They came over
for language study last night before planning and we spoke "puro
espanol" while I made them pupusas. I'm becoming the Pupusa Master.

Last week we went to "Tierras Latinas" The Spanish store in Fairfield
and bought some Masa and Alfejores. The masa was six bucks! UBER
Cheap. but I need to buy more than $10 to use my card. So I  asked for
some Alfejores (by the way this speaking is all in Spanish).  He slapped down on
the counter and I asked him how much. He said 10 bucks which was
ridiculous for a six pack but I may or may not have had a Spanish
panic attack and just bought them anyway but the worst part was that I
gave him a $20 note and forgot to pay with the card which was the
reason I got the dang things in the first place... #spanishstruggles.

I think Mothers Day is this transfer... When is that? Thanks mum for
editing this all and splitting up the paragraphs.


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Name tag in Aussie

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: April 12, 2015 at 9:17:35 PM MDT
To: Cyndy Weiss <>

This week we got to watch conference! I was inspired at the power of
the priesthood. My heart has had a good roto-till on my mission and I
was able to receive a lot more from this conference than ever before.

Today marks three months left of wearing the name tag in Aussie. Pretty
scared out of my mind to go home. Especially after the Saturday
sessions of conference. I think they are afraid "The Wave" doesn't
want to get married. I think the feeling after that conference is
maybe a bit too far the other way…

This week was pretty awful to be
honest. My phone-boarding took a little dent out of the churches
tithing funds and we had to go the mission office to get a new phone
the same day we had to prepare for a flat inspection and then we had a
ultra long weekly planning that we didn't even finish because a member
of our ward told us he's fed up and wants to go to an English ward...
ooh that put me over the edge.

So we literally went back to the
drawing board and made a plan for how we are going to strengthen the
ward. We are getting reinforcements next transfer. We'll have four
Elders. We also requested a Spanish speaking Senior Couple that I'll
never see and now it's a waiting game for a fresh start in a few weeks
at conference.

They'll be re-organizing the bishopric and from the
sounds of things splitting the stake. Both are great! I even got
permission to call Brother Baker and get his thoughts on the matter.
Apparently when he went to Belconnen ward his first Sunday that had
attendance in the high 30's as well. Now it's the dream area of the

Yesterday we went GQing asked referrals from members with the mission
prep class. Ofa set it all up and I got to be his companion. A heap of
us went to my home court where I spent a lot of time my first
transfer. THE FAIRFIELD BUS STATION. The Beanstar and I spent so much
time there.

So Ofa and I start talking to people but he didn't want to
do it together he wanted to split up. I though that's ok as long as we
are in sight in sound. Nik minut. Get done talking to these Christian
Iranians and he's just gone! What a spaz! He just left a missionary on
his own haha. Nothing better than members and missionaries working
together in the work of salvation.

Love you all. I hope everyone is ok.

Elder Weiss

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Peaks and Valleys

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: April 6, 2015 at 8:26:23 PM MDT

Bit of a rough patch this week. Not really sure who we helped. God
knows but sometimes you can't see it. Last night was depressing because
we literally ran out of things to do. It was dark and wet and we
prayed to figure it out.

We went to visit a less active and there was
a big metal gate that was locked. We jammed a card in the handle on
the gate with a note to call us. This morning the lady texted us and
said we can come by next week. So one good thing happened.

Maybe my attitude is just wrong... I'm grateful for everyday as a missionary
including the confusing ones... there that's a better attitude.

Yesterday we were walking in Fairfield trying to find Spanish people.
We walked down the street to the corner and when we were about to turn
left something made us cross the street. After we crossed we were
about to keep going straight and then something told us go left. We
walked and I was a bit tired of my mediocre contacting skills
#outofpractice and I decide that I was going to just shake the hand of
the next guy coming up. He didn't really want to talk and he pointed
at his watch. I said "Do you know anyone that speaks Spanish?" as I
pulled out a Spanish card and showed it to him. He said "I do!" He
said he was from El Salvador and arrived four months ago.

Immigration of Spanish Speakers to australia has stopped, BUSTED!!!
Yesterday we talked with 7 people that have moved here in the last 5

Ok so I guess this week wasn't that bad it just feels like it was
three weeks put into one and so I can't hardly remember what happened
the first half of the week.

Oh! We taught Ally. We read Alma Chapter 12 with her.
While we were reading she commented on how beautifully it
was written and how true some of the things were. Then we talked to
her about baptism and she said that she had to sincerely believe that
a church was the right one before she were to join it.

Then we said to her, "Would you believe me if I told you I wrote that chapter
that we read in the Book of Mormon?" She laughed and said no. "I'd have to be
pretty clever to do that wouldn't I?" #understatementofthecentury, She
agreed. "Did you know that I have more education with a high school
diploma than Joseph Smith did? She said no. "Did you know that I am
the same age that Joseph Smith was when he translated the Book of

She looked a bit surprised and then we told her, "The Book of
Mormon is the convincing evidence of the restoration of the Church of
Jesus Christ" Those words are straight from PMG but the way they came
out of my mouth carried such power as if the Holy Ghost himself had
spoken them, which he had.

So I guess in retrospect it was a good week just with a lot of peaks
and valleys. Time is incomprehensible. The weeks seem long but the
days and months seem short.

Love you all!

Elder Weiss

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Spirit Bandwagon

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: March 29, 2015 at 7:35:32 PM MDT

Queridos Amigos, familiares, y conocidos!

It's been another great week! I feel like I have served two missions
because I feel like as much as happened in the first six months of my
mission happens in like two weeks!

We have two investigators on date
for April. Hopefully they keep feeling the gospel bless them. One came
to church for the first time yesterday. It was about an hour drive to
the Spanish ward. One of the members from Mortdale, Brother Aviles,
picked him up and brought him. It seemed he really enjoyed it.

We talked
about missionary work. During the week we were a bit frustrated and we
had been trying to get a hold of Ofa because he's our high councilor
for the Spanish ward and we need to get somethings sorted out.

bishop is on his way out. His house is sold and he's just trying to
find somewhere to live on the central coast. So the ward is in lala
land. Ofa said to us, "Brothas you set up ward council for this Sunday
and we'll give them a training on going to the rescue. So we called
around and got things organized. We had about half the council turn up
but we just went ahead.

We discussed being more welcoming to
investigators until Ofa turned up with the Zone Leaders and we got
somethings settled about how the Area Presidency wants us to go about

We got the 2nd counselor behind it because the Bishop didn't
turn up. It was combined Sunday and he asked Ofa to do the same
presentation in the final hour of church. It went so well that the
first counselor asked if he could do some rescuing with us after
church. We went to the rescue and brought a brother back. He just
needed some encouragement to get back to church. If we didn't go he
wouldn't have been invited or committed to be at church the next
sunday. It was awesome!

AL RESCATE MIS AMIGOS! Who was the last person
you rescued? Who was the last less active you worried about?

Last night I think I had my final Bible bash of my mission. I won..
but I lost. We didn't know where to go so we pulled over to say a
prayer. During the prayer David came to my mind. We drove there and as
we got out of the car I saw a lady sitting on this bench. She looked Latina,
so I asked her if she spoke Spanish. She said that she did and
that she was stopping by to visit one of our members in the complex.

We gave her the members mobile number and then invited her to hear
more. She said she'd already studied the "Mormones" and was not
convinced. I told her I'm not here to convince you because the only
convincing power that exists is the Holy Ghost. "And la biblia" She
added... And so it began…

I felt so guided to this lady we stuck
around and discussed with her. I sincerely though that the spirit at
some point would just come rushing in and save the day but it never

One hour later I felt full of darkness and regret. She accepted a
Book of Mormon because I read 2 Nephi 29:7-10 and said the book
defends itself. But beside that the spirit was not in me. The Holy
Ghost had left me completely. My spirit felt burned and in pain. My
nightly prayer was frankly embarrassing and apologetic. The spiritual
damage from "Preaching the gospel by some other way" is still not
completely healed. You live and you learn because He forgives.

Righto Mate! Let's get back on the spirit bandwagon! All about that
spirit life! #cambios

Les quiero!!

Elder Weiss