Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hastening the Work of Salvation

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: February 15, 2015 at 6:05:39 PM MST

This week has been crazy. Sunday we got up and showered straight away
and skipped breakfast so we could be studying at 7 because there was
no other time in the day that we could fit it.

We've accumulated so many new investigators
but we have a fair few not keeping appointments
so we are running all over everywhere to meet people but things keep
falling through. A lot of work and a little progress.

We began to
stray from the fundamentals. But now we are different. We can do it
today! Nothing can stop us when we are aligned with the most powerful
being in the universe. I'm ending my mission right where I began, with
the 12 week program and 8 fundamental lessons.

I've requested to be transferred to Merimbula to finish my mission.
It's a branch on the coast full of retired people. Pretty small town.
Elder Shelton started his mission there. He said it was great.
President was going to go see if they should go shut down the area
for missionary work. I'm sooo keen. You already know there would
be so much work to do. I really would like to give it a crack!

Life is soo good! Yesterday we received the Area Broadcast.
They essentially re-emphasized the same things as
in 2013 and 2014. Have you read the area broadcast for Northern Utah?
Are you in alignment with your priesthood leaders? The Friday before
last I gave a training at ZTM about individuals and families. That's
how God thinks. If we want to do what he does and be who he is we have
to think how he thinks. We need to constantly be thinking about
individuals and families. Letting that guide our actions is called
eternal life.

I learned this by the spirit but also by being prompted
from my studies of the Handbook 2. Handbook 2 was given me by Ofa
Amone the high councilor over missionary work in Fairfield Stake. He
said in affect that Zone Leaders are missionary works high councilor's
so I should know what's in that book. So I got a good read of a lot of
it but my fun all came to an end this past weekend when president told
me to turn it in.... Darn.

But this past weekend was stake conference
and it was quite validating. I told the missionaries in my training
the other week, "For the rest of your lives you will hear this phrase
again and again, 'Individuals and Families' because that is what our
church is about and that is how God thinks." Then in almost every talk
given on Saturday and Sunday and in the Area Broadcast they used the
phrase, "Individuals and Families". Each time they said it I looked at
my companion and smiled. He said to me with a grinn, "You've cracked
the code". All the Elders and Sisters were saying, "Elder Weiss did
you hear what they said? Individuals and Families!" It's amazing that
the weekend that God had taught me and guided me to teach others right
before this stake conference. It's a testimony to me of how important
it is to him that we understand what he's worried about. I hope that
at least one zone of missionaries has got the picture.

This is the Lords work. I've never done anything so ridiculously full on. And I've
never felt more satisfaction and joy. I hope you are all fully engaged
in hastening the work of salvation. What are you going to do
differently today to hasten the work? Today, Today, Today! Do it
today. Those who understand the Lord's work feel an incredible sense
of urgency. We don't have enough time to do all that we need to do. It
physically isn't possible. But the Lord likes doing impossible. So get
aligned and enjoy the ride.

Love, Elder Weiss

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