Sunday, May 10, 2015

After the Mother's Day Phone Call

"How should you prepare for my return?" was the question Dad asked me.
That is a tough question. I would love for everyone to speak to me in
their Romantic languages ie Spanish, Portuguese, Italian etc.

Let's try and get the missionaries to our house once a month to teach
someone. We have non member families across the road on either side
of the Mechams and one on the other side of the Pingrees. Let's try to
get them all over and build relationships. You can't help people  you
don't know.

I  guess family scripture study every night and family
prayers. I reckon those already are happening.

I'll have to put more
thought into it. Yous are great I love you all!

Thanks for the questions. See you in a few secs...

Elder Weiss

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