Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Peaks and Valleys

From: Joseph Weiss <joseph.weiss@myldsmail.net>
Date: April 6, 2015 at 8:26:23 PM MDT

Bit of a rough patch this week. Not really sure who we helped. God
knows but sometimes you can't see it. Last night was depressing because
we literally ran out of things to do. It was dark and wet and we
prayed to figure it out.

We went to visit a less active and there was
a big metal gate that was locked. We jammed a card in the handle on
the gate with a note to call us. This morning the lady texted us and
said we can come by next week. So one good thing happened.

Maybe my attitude is just wrong... I'm grateful for everyday as a missionary
including the confusing ones... there that's a better attitude.

Yesterday we were walking in Fairfield trying to find Spanish people.
We walked down the street to the corner and when we were about to turn
left something made us cross the street. After we crossed we were
about to keep going straight and then something told us go left. We
walked and I was a bit tired of my mediocre contacting skills
#outofpractice and I decide that I was going to just shake the hand of
the next guy coming up. He didn't really want to talk and he pointed
at his watch. I said "Do you know anyone that speaks Spanish?" as I
pulled out a Spanish card and showed it to him. He said "I do!" He
said he was from El Salvador and arrived four months ago.

Immigration of Spanish Speakers to australia has stopped, BUSTED!!!
Yesterday we talked with 7 people that have moved here in the last 5

Ok so I guess this week wasn't that bad it just feels like it was
three weeks put into one and so I can't hardly remember what happened
the first half of the week.

Oh! We taught Ally. We read Alma Chapter 12 with her.
While we were reading she commented on how beautifully it
was written and how true some of the things were. Then we talked to
her about baptism and she said that she had to sincerely believe that
a church was the right one before she were to join it.

Then we said to her, "Would you believe me if I told you I wrote that chapter
that we read in the Book of Mormon?" She laughed and said no. "I'd have to be
pretty clever to do that wouldn't I?" #understatementofthecentury, She
agreed. "Did you know that I have more education with a high school
diploma than Joseph Smith did? She said no. "Did you know that I am
the same age that Joseph Smith was when he translated the Book of

She looked a bit surprised and then we told her, "The Book of
Mormon is the convincing evidence of the restoration of the Church of
Jesus Christ" Those words are straight from PMG but the way they came
out of my mouth carried such power as if the Holy Ghost himself had
spoken them, which he had.

So I guess in retrospect it was a good week just with a lot of peaks
and valleys. Time is incomprehensible. The weeks seem long but the
days and months seem short.

Love you all!

Elder Weiss

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