Monday, September 29, 2014

The Work of Salvation

Yesterday we spent most of the day with our High Counselor overseeing missionary work. Ofa Amone and his brother Tou Amone. They have dedicated their lives to the Lord.

My companion and I asked Ofa how his wife is with him being gone so much. He said, "She's an angel! She NEVER compains!". He told us of an experience they had there first prayer together as a married couple. They knelt down and she offered a prayer and said these words, "Father, we give our lives to you.". Wow... I'm gonna need someone like that because I love God and His work too much.

Family first is a lie that Satan tells us to try and build our foundation on things other than Jesus Christ. It is the LORD FIRST. ALWAYS. ALWAYS. ALWAYS.

Ofa was a bishop for 8 years according to my companion. 7 months ago he got released and was called to his current calling in the High Council. He said that a new happiness has come into his life. He spends less time with his kids now but he says they've never felt closer as a family. That is how I want to be. As much as you give to the Lord, He will always give more back. I dedicate my life to Him and hopefully there is some girl game to do the same.

Love you all heaps!!

Elder Weiss

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Just Do Your Part

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: September 22, 2014 at 9:18:24 PM MDT

Ok family and friends, first item of business. Missionaries are representatives of Jesus Christ. You are not to counsel them how to do their job, you are only to help them. If it's an obedient missionary, you give him or her a referral. If they're disobedient missionaries, you STILL give them a referral. Obedient or not they are Christ's chosen servants who go in his place. It is your job as members to give referrals, not to judge, criticize, or correct missionaries. If you have concerns, put yourself in contact with their zone leaders but do not do it yourself. Respect the priesthood keys and have faith that God is smarter than we are. "We need more members actually doing missionary work and not just feeding the missionaries" said a member of our area presidency. Many people are really good at faking being member missionaries. I hope these words come back and haunt me to action one day!

Second item, there are too many miracles! Writing them all in my journal is impossible! As my mission has gone on I have become more sensitive to the spirit and in turn see so many more miracles.

Sunday we were driving home from church when I saw a man and his son walking down the street wearing Chilean soccer jerseys. I said to my companion, "Did you see that guy? He had a Chile jersey." My companion said "Oh" and kept driving thinking to himself, "Elder Weiss is too interested in talking to Spanish speakers" We kept driving for thirty more seconds and I said to him, "Elder I feel like we need to go back and talk to that guy!". A bit annoyed my companion turned the car around. We drove past them and got out of the car and went and talked to him. We talked to him about how he came to Australia. He said he misses Chile every single day. He told us that his little son was his "Tesorito" or his little treasure and how much he loved him. We asked him what his feelings were about God. He explained how he once believde but didn't know if he could still believe because his Dad was paralyzed in Chile and all his family lived there. He seemed so lonely except for his son's friendship. He stays here for his son because his ex-partner and him split up.

We taught him some simple truths of the Gospel and how he could know for himself that God is HIS loving Heavenly Father. He began to be very emotional at one point. We asked if some missionaries that speak Spanish could visit him. He said that was good and pulled out some ID with his address on it and then we got his number and passed him as a referral the Spanish elders. Maybe I'll get to teach him one day when I go back to the Spanish ward.

I love this work! Never underestimate the power the Lord gives you to reach out to others to do his work. GO and visit a less active. GO talk to your non-member neighbors. Get to know them and to love them and invite them to meet Jesus Christ, or in other words to meet the missionaries.

Where ere' thou art, JUST DO YOUR PART. Not even well. We don't need to be perfect we just need to try and the Lord does the rest!

Love you all,
Elder Weiss

Monday, September 15, 2014

Culture is a Powerful Thing

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: September 14, 2014 at 8:53:43 PM MDT

Dear Family,

This week we worked and we worked and we worked and nothing happened! We had FHE with Joan our progressing investigator at our Elder Quorum Presidents house on tuesday. We set a Baptismal date. The spirit was so strong. The best part is that THE MEMBER set up the appointment.

Then Saturday we had a chapel tour and it was very spiritual as well. Then Sunday morning comes around and she didn't come to church... DADGUMMIT! She is so prepared! And very courageous. She is soo close to changing her life forever!!

Saturday Morning we got to go see a family get sealed that Elder Urbina taught in his last ward. It was a less active family. It was amazing to see that.

We are still working with our zone to build an obedient culture. I used to think culture was something annoying that kept people complacent but now I realize that culture is a powerful thing that can help that would not otherwise help themselves. Sorry for the short letter. I wasn't as diligent today as I should've been.

You all need to being inviting people for dinners and activities. Give people a spiritual environment for a few hours!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Send Photos!

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: September 7, 2014 at 9:06:13 PM MDT

Dear Family,

This week was pretty great. The miracles keep on pouring down on us! By the numbers, in our mission you need 20 new investigators to have one baptism. We want to baptize every month so our goal is 5 new investigators each week. This past week we had zero up until Friday and then we visited a potential family and BOOM 6 new investigators!

Then Saturday we went to visit and referral of a less active member that was from an active member. We needed to start our fast but we needed to drink some water first or else we would die. So we planned to ask the LA (Less Active). The LA was in N-Zed (New Zealand) but we met her non-member niece. She wasn't too keen so we said talked for a bit and then went back to the car.

Somehow we forgot to ask for water. We decided instead of going back we'd ask the neighbors for water. The first one didn't answer but the second one was a Syrian family. They were the nicest! They gave us water and we gave them a Arabic Book of Mormon and set a return appointment. We have one Syrian sister in our ward we'll take when we go back. It's gonna be sweet!

As we left Elder Urbina asked if we should go visit this potential investigator named Jon from when we served in the Spanish ward a year ago. We went and he was gone but another lady in the house invited us in and said she respected our church so much. She was Catholic but isn't fussed by which church she attends. We invited her to our church and she said she'll come this coming Sunday. We'll teach her with a family in our ward that are Samoan like she is and the dad used to be Catholic also.

We went from 0-7 in two days. Heavenly Father is amazing. People I hope you are sharing the gospel. All you need to do is open your mouth and be friendly to strangers and it will have an impact. Always carry a pass-along card or missionary pamphlet! Do something to show your faith!! And the Lord will use you!

I'm still struggling to be a good motivator. So if anyone has any tips or tricks on motivating people, let me know please.
What happened to the picture thing. I want your pictures more than I want your letters. jk But pictures are my favorite. If you don't even write me, just send me a photo. All good? Too easy.

Love yous heaps,

Elder Weiss