Sunday, April 12, 2015

Name tag in Aussie

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: April 12, 2015 at 9:17:35 PM MDT
To: Cyndy Weiss <>

This week we got to watch conference! I was inspired at the power of
the priesthood. My heart has had a good roto-till on my mission and I
was able to receive a lot more from this conference than ever before.

Today marks three months left of wearing the name tag in Aussie. Pretty
scared out of my mind to go home. Especially after the Saturday
sessions of conference. I think they are afraid "The Wave" doesn't
want to get married. I think the feeling after that conference is
maybe a bit too far the other way…

This week was pretty awful to be
honest. My phone-boarding took a little dent out of the churches
tithing funds and we had to go the mission office to get a new phone
the same day we had to prepare for a flat inspection and then we had a
ultra long weekly planning that we didn't even finish because a member
of our ward told us he's fed up and wants to go to an English ward...
ooh that put me over the edge.

So we literally went back to the
drawing board and made a plan for how we are going to strengthen the
ward. We are getting reinforcements next transfer. We'll have four
Elders. We also requested a Spanish speaking Senior Couple that I'll
never see and now it's a waiting game for a fresh start in a few weeks
at conference.

They'll be re-organizing the bishopric and from the
sounds of things splitting the stake. Both are great! I even got
permission to call Brother Baker and get his thoughts on the matter.
Apparently when he went to Belconnen ward his first Sunday that had
attendance in the high 30's as well. Now it's the dream area of the

Yesterday we went GQing asked referrals from members with the mission
prep class. Ofa set it all up and I got to be his companion. A heap of
us went to my home court where I spent a lot of time my first
transfer. THE FAIRFIELD BUS STATION. The Beanstar and I spent so much
time there.

So Ofa and I start talking to people but he didn't want to
do it together he wanted to split up. I though that's ok as long as we
are in sight in sound. Nik minut. Get done talking to these Christian
Iranians and he's just gone! What a spaz! He just left a missionary on
his own haha. Nothing better than members and missionaries working
together in the work of salvation.

Love you all. I hope everyone is ok.

Elder Weiss

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