Sunday, June 29, 2014

Three Photos from June 29, 2014

A man named Brian ownes this house and most of the drug market in that neck of the neighborhood. He also lives across the street from the flat that I stayed at in Dubbo. I saw many a drug deal happen while I was there. This picture was taken when I got to go back on exchanges. It was a three hour drive and I didn't take many pictures but luckily I didn't get transferred so I get one more shot at it! #Dubbstomp

This was district meeting with the other district in our zone this past Friday. The middle missionary standing up is my new companion for the next transfer.

It all came together! Five more family members yet to go! This is Levi. She is the middle child. She's very brave for being baptized. Originally it was her and her sister but then her sister didn't feel ready yet so she still went for it! I accidentally made the font too hot and didn't know it. When she stepped in she said, "that's too hot." So I had to turn the cold water on and walk down in a few steps to stir it around. It was like a hot tub. I was really nervous right before I baptized her but then afterwards when I was changing I felt so calm and light. The Holy Spirit of Promise was there. Such an exciting day for Levi!

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