Sunday, June 1, 2014

"Happy is the man whom God correcteth"-May 27, 2014

Sorry quick letter. We went to the Jenolan caves today and don't have time for anything!
I felt a bit overwhelmed by the mission conference we had yesterday. We were told about all these miracles and things and I got this image in my head that all of those things happen to a consecrated missionary all at once. My progress on my mission has been a bit discouraging. I have a tendency to scrutinize myself and lose the big picture.

Sometimes I wish my mission could be about helping other people. I don't like the thought that I'm the one that has benefited most from my mission but to this point that is how I see it. After the mission conference I felt rebuked. Not because anything anyone said was negative, but because it was all so positive it made me see my negativity and lack of faith. I felt the Lord correcting me and charting a new course for me.

This morning I read a scripture in Job 5:17 I think it was. It said, "Behold, happy is the man whom God correcteth: therefore despise not thou the chastening of the Almighty:" Sometimes I don't like what reality has to offer. The reality that I came to is that the Lord can do whatever he pleases with my area. There aren't any boundaries short of my own faith. I told the Lord that I'm going to try and speak with his voice and submit completely to his will. Tracting wont be hard because it's the Lords time, the Lords work, and I am the Lords also.

Through these times of unreal spiritual and emotion soreness we emerge on the other side with a spiritual maturity that can't coming any other way. Growing pains are good and necessary, but painful none the less. But pain is temporary but our character is eternal. So we can't sell ourselves short.
I love my companion. Elder Roberts is great. We are both focused and learning to love each other. I thank the Lord daily that he is my companion.

Love you heaps!

Elder Weiss

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