Monday, April 21, 2014

"Picture me skating in dress pants and a tie!"

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: April 20, 2014 at 11:13:33 PM MDT

A few weeks ago I wrote yous a letter about diligence and tennis. My insights came from a talk by Elder Bednar that talks about not shrinking and about how Elder Maxwell endured well his trials with cancer and his insights from the experience.  I hope President Lew is ok. It sounds like he is "not shrinking" in the face of his trial. Please pray for President Lew that he does not shrink and that he recovers quickly.

General Conference was the best of my life. I was more zoned in than I ever have been. Going through my notes I found that I've learned too much to just make a summary but here are some gems I really liked.

Gratitude is a catalyst for all other Christ-like (or desirable) qualities. -President Uchtdorf

My brain still thinks in terms of sports. You look a Lionel Messi, well I haven't seen him in ten months but, he says very little. He talks a little and achieves a lot. He is humble and continues to want to learn and improve. His gratitude is what has kept him from becoming arrogant. He keeps things in perspective. So he, as of ten months ago, still hasn't peaked. The only path to our full potential runs along a stream called gratitude. Stay thirsty my friends... :D

Some people think that happiness is not carrying anything. Happiness is about carrying the right load. -Elder Bednar

This goes along with Elder Holland's talk. He said,

"Some people don't want a God that will rock their boat, some people don't even want God to row their boat." -Elder Holland

In order for us to reach our desired destination we have to let God load us up and rock the boat. It may be hard sometimes, but submitting everything is always the easiest route in the long run. Leave your old Sodom-self and never look back.

I love Elder Dallin H. Oak’s talk on the rights of the priesthood vs. the keys of the Priesthood. I think men and women ought to read this talk and study D&C 121:33-46. We recite this passage every morning in companion study and it is a gift that keeps on giving. It teaches me what I must do to have the powers of Heaven active in my life.

On my mission I have met so many people that believe that Christ is real but deny his power in their lives. Elder Christofferson talked about how if Christ did resurrect and that he was more that "just a great teacher or leader” but He was in reality the Son of God.

William R. Walker said, "The more connected we are to our righteous forefathers, the more likely we are to make wise and righteous decisions." When I am done with my mission I will be doing heaps of temple work and family history. I can't think of anything else that can bring the same spirituality as missionary work except temple work

I love my companion. It took two weeks but it came. This last week I got to skateboard!! It was so flippin' cool! These five skaters were skating in the parking lot when we rocked up and it's private property so I had to kick them out. But first I had to show them how it's done. I borrowed one of their shoes and stomped and fakie flip perfectly on my second attempt. Haha I love the weird things you do on your mission. Next time I see them I'll get a picture of me skating in dress pants and a tie!! Best day ever!

Yesterday we were visiting a less active member in the hospital when a different man came up to us and told us he's a less active member and an Aaronic priesthood holder. We'll go visit him tomorrow at the hospital. I love those miracles. I love using my talents... and my companion. Because he's a cowboy I get him to make all the bogans feel like city folk. It's pretty sweet!

Love you all.

Elder Weiss

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