Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Beautiful Bathurst and Aussie Road Kill

On my mission I have learned the necessity of understanding the truth of the restored Gospel through the bible; however, it takes so much searching and pondering to find the truth and understand the words properly in the Bible. I love reading the Book of Mormon and seeing how clear it all is. I guess the way I perceive the Bible is like a new missionary that doesn't explain things really clear and simple so what he says is true but it takes so much deciphering to get what he is trying to communicate. Whereas, the Book of Mormon is like a seasoned missionary that teaches with short powerful statements of truth. It is a powerful book.

I read in Mosiah 15:24-25 that backs up our belief in the spirit world and that all will have a chance to learn about the gospel. It says that those who did not have "salvation declared unto them" while they were alive will come forth in the first resurrection and be heirs of the Kingdom of God. "And little children also have eternal life." So clear!

Unfortunately I have no experiences preaching by the way this week. I think it was because we were so busy with driving to and from and attending meetings but I know that is something Elder Roberts and I will focus on as we both like GQing. But not to fear we are working with the members and not go GQing. We don't go GQing, GQing comes with us. :)

I am really excited to have Elder Roberts as a companion. I think I'll learn heaps from him. He seems like a really nice guy and a really motivated missionary! My miracle is that we got home by 9pm and were able to plan properly. I love planning and Elder Moyes and I were out teaching till after nine that it really hurt our daily planning but Elder Roberts and I are on the same page about that so we are going to have really good nightly planning sessions.

I know I'm not you (President Lew) and I don't receive revelation for transfers but I'm just gonna put this out there. I could stay here for a long time and be really happy. And then I could go train in the Spanish ward. Just a thought.. but really I love Bathurst! The branch is a model for how branches should work and I hope the branch sees lots of success in the coming months.

Love you heaps, Elder Weiss
Here's some pictures of some crazy things I've done and seen here down under! Btw they use the legs to feed the dogs... and yes it is that pretty!

The race car track is world famous! And it's open to the public to drive on although there are speed limits and cops up there. None the less I can't even imagine drive so parts of that course. It's supposed to be on some video games. Maybe Jon can race it on that racing game.

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