Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New Mission Pres. and Deep Blue

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: May 4, 2014 at 10:18:42 PM MDT

Dear Family,

This may be one of the biggest letters ever because for the last two weeks or so I haven't written in my journal. So this is my Atonement Sacrifice letter.

Monday-Half -Pday and Mission Leadership conference. President Lew has been in Hospital for weeks now in ICU. His counselors presided at our meeting. We got a surprise visit from Sister Lew. She was very emotional and told us how much she loved us and how much she loved missionary work. She said the nurses call President their "Patient patient" because he never complains. She spoke for 20 min and left again for the hospital.

Tuesday- Drove back the three hour journey to Bathurst. Stopped at the Spanish elders new apartment to eat lunch but none of them had money on their cards because the are, lets say, "Unwise". So they made us some papusas. Not authentic but still pretty good. Then we finished our drive back. Trigger to SUPER COMP INVENTORY DAY

Wednesday-SUPER COMP INVENTORY DAY. Taught a lesson to a former and my comp was not too happy with me so he didn't talk. But it's understandable we both got a lot of things off our chest and things improved from there on out. That night we had our branch ping pong and the former we taught came as well as Danielle and five or so members plus the senior couple. This branch has improved my ping pong skills by %1000. There are lots of really good players haha.

That night we drove an hour and a bit down to Cowra for a trade off with the elders there. During planning the AP's called an emergency conference call with the Zone Leaders. The announcement was made that President Lew was released and will be going home to receive medical treatment. President Palmer had been called.

Thursday- Trade off with semi apostate Elder. Conclusion. He's a great guy but needs more motivation. We set goals and made plans to improve and hopefully it helps him out. Even though there are some missionaries I don't like as missionaries (as in lazy) I love them and would love to hang out after the mission. But hopefully I can lift them up while they are here. In the evening we had an conference call with all the Zone Leaders and the AP's. President Palmer introduced himself to us. From Christchurch NZ.

Friday- Zone Training Meeting. Trained on teach the members to go about doing good! YOU ALL NEED TO DO SERVICE. Get in a mentality of doing service the missionary experience will come.
After we had Zone P-day from 1-6. Because we live so far away from eachother we do half pday monday and zone pday friday every first week of the month.

Saturday- Taught two member present lessons. Both were good. Got some pretty interesting concerns. The problem I've found in Australia is that everyone is catholic and has been for so long it's become more like a gossipy social club than a way of worship. So now people don't trust church anymore so they make their own beliefs or just give up thinking about it all together. A bit tough but we're working on it.

Sunday- We had two hour church because of a lack of people... three investigators "were" coming... That night we made a member mad at us because we couldn't stay at their house for very long so we got guilt tripped and stuff but we had a set member present so we weren't having it. We brought a Samoan member to teach a guy from Papau New Guinea. He's our neighbor. The member and him connect straight away because they grew with the laid back Poly lifestyle and moved here to Australia. He wants to play rugby with our member on his team next season and he said if we wanted we could come to an Under 16's practice sometime and he'd coach us around a bit. (Just touch no tackle... I'd die).

And that was about it! I have to tell Tam that I've actually been using those essential oils for stuff. Very useful.. especially when you try to brake a massive stick over your leg but it doesn't brake... DEEP BLUE, Frankincense, and peppermint... hmmm relief I healed up so quick!
Love you all!

Elder Weiss

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