Sunday, April 13, 2014

"Yas really picked me up."

Date: April 13, 2014 at 7:55:53 PM MDT

Dear Family.

I read in Mosiah about King Limhi's people. When Ammon went and found them they asked if he could baptize them like Alma baptized and started the Church of God. He refused them because he didn't feel worthy and because there was nobody that had authority in the land. It is a great example of the importance of authority. It seems that these days when someone doesn't have authority they just fake it or make up their own authority. I studied this big long scripture chain in the Bible that proves you need authority and then the Book of Mormon explains it in two verses. I love all the scriptures but the Book of Mormon cuts off so much fluff.

Last night we had a Branch Correlation meeting with our Branch President and Branch Mission Leader. We went over the progress record and discussed how to get the members involved. Without us asking President Reiri just started making phone calls to these people trying to set things up and see how they're doing. We talked about how our zone/the district is striving for five lessons provided by ward members. He listened and we discussed and then finally he said, "That's it. We'll be the first Branch to get five member lessons in a week." I love Bathurst Branch. Our members are so solid. I've come to connect and love everyone in such a short time. I hope to stay her a while.

I love studying the fundamentals. I've spent the last little while studying the Bible a lot and understanding the gospel from the stick of Judah. But something was missing. It's time to get back to the basics. Preach My Gospel and the 12 week Program. Something I learned about trying to help others to pray at the end of a lesson is to really push the relationship between them and God and pull away any emphasis of our personal relationship with them. Saying, "Please will you pray?" comes from you. However, saying "I know your Heavenly Father is wanting you to pray and he wants you to be a spiritual example for your kids" is much more powerful. In the name of Jesus Christ we invite them. Not in our own names. How special is that. The authority which we have as servants of the Lord is real and fantastic.

Things with my new companion were really hard at first but we are getting along much better now. He's from “Canadar" as the Aussies would say. A Mormon town called Raymond. It's like Canadian Utah. They have release time seminary and everything.

A little more than a week ago, one of our less active members went to the hospital. He's mostly confined to a wheel chair but could get up and walk with crutches. He's a three time parolympian for archery. He's always been a bit rough around the edges and resisted anytime we tried reading the Book of Mormon with him. But he started having extreme pain in his legs about two weeks back. He went to the hospital and they think he has some kind of nerve damage. He can't get up and walk with how bad the pain is. If things don't get better he'll be going to a old folks home at 62 years of age.

We went up to visit him and as soon as we walked in he got the biggest grin on his face. "It's bloody good to see ya mate". He told us "Yas really picked me up." Now he's asking his wife to bring up his old scriptures and he's going to start reading again. Sometimes the Lord has to bring us low before he lifts us higher. It makes me feel really important to be able to lift people up like that. Arthur is that man! He's rougher than the bush but has a heart of gold. I wish you could all meet him. I'll never be able to forget about this one till the day I day (die)!
(Small miracle. Just got the details of this Kiwi lady sitting next to me! "I will go before thee.." COME ON!! VAMOS!)

Love you heaps,

Elder Weiss

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