Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Orange Zone (Excerpt from Mission Newsletter)

This is a page from the Mission Newsletter about Orange Zone (aka "Citrus").
Below text is the gory pic of the road kill referred to.  Pic was not published in the newsletter.

Contrary to popular belief, Missionaries banished out to the Sydney Orange Mission do occasionally see one another. This happens once every couple weeks when we may have District or Zone Meeting, and even at times a Zone P-day. Due to the lack of opportunity to see one another we take Zone P-day very seriously. (See Elder Weiss' Inflation Theorem Es- say) 

Zone P-day is typically filled with food followed by an extremely ob- scure and dangerous game discovered by Elder Carver called GatorBall. When we aren't all together you can generally catch Elder McArthur down fishing at the river in Cowra or playing his Didgeridoo. 

But as hard as we play we work even harder. On some days you'll catch Elder Angala and Elder Porter driving out to (but not becoming) Trunky. (See Hymn Book, "The Time is Far Spent") Or you might catch the Finn- ish and Canadian Duo, Elder Laitinen and Elder Hunt, doing Parkour as they call the Mudge Pudge to repentance. (See Mudgee, NSW) Or maybe you'll find Elder Janes and Elder Randle on a Saturday Night with fellow Dubbstompians [See Dubbstomp (See Dubbo)] playing a friendly neigh- bourhood game of Footy at the Chapel. 

If you ever get the chance to drive out here, you will see many Roos and Wallabies that have become tragic victims to road kill. When you see our Marsupial friends (See Marsupial in Dubbo Zoo) lying on the side of the road, remember our beloved Father Moyes who has recently gone the way of all the Earth. 

In all seriousness we love the Orange Zone. We think it's the best Zone in all the Mission. (See President Lew) We hope that some day the Lord will bless you with the opportunity to come out to the Orange Zone, other- wise we'll see you if we ever make the pilgrimage back to Sydney. 

Love you Heaps!
The Orange Zone (See Citrus) 

Many Roos and Wallabies become tragic victims to road kill.

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