Thursday, July 18, 2013

Meekness is not Weakness-July 11, 2013

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: July 11, 2013 7:57:43 AM MDT
To: Cyndy Weiss <>

Thank you all that wrote me this week! I had a great harvest on Monday or Tuesday! I got like 8 letters all at once! I felt very special. Last Thursday, (4th of July) because we couldn't listen to the Stadium of Fire (Provo, UT fireworks show), we had a devotional and watched (the movie) "17 Miracles". I love Levi Savage! He's my guy!

So I began to think a lot about meekness! I got to study it for a day but then ran out of time the other days getting ready to teach our progressing investigators. But, I've learned a lot! I read a talk by Elder Neal A. Maxwell about meekness. I learned so much through my study and his talk! That is what I want to become on my mission is meek.

In today's society people see meekness as weakness but they are so different! Society believes in aggression! Football is a good example (at least in America) Everybody likes to pretend they are the linebacker that comes out of nowhere and blindsides the quarterback. But probably the hardest battles we ever fight our within ourselves. I have so much respect for runners because they do battle with themselves. They have to keep their head up and keep going even when it's boring, hurting, and very painful physically and mentally.

Meek people are not weak people. A meek person, when attacked, is not afraid to retaliate but has the mental fortitude to choose not to. Christ was the perfect example of meekness. "My kingdom is not of this world. If it were my disciples would fight". I remember the scene from the Passion of the Christ is being beaten to the ground but gets up again and again until he's laying in pools of his own blood being inflicted with pain beyond any mortal's comprehension and "just takes it". How? How could he? Because he was filled with love for others that gave him the mental fortitude to keep going.

As much as I belive in instrinsic motivation I will always make my companions bed better than I make my own. I believe our deepest intrinsic motivation is centered on helping others. If you want a shallow experience in life, be self centered. But if you want more, look around and help someone. Elder Maxwell said, "Meek people go on far less ego trips, but go on far greater adventures." Sometimes we need keep our mouths shut and let God do the teaching. As right as we may be, people need to learn by their own experience. It's not about OUR teaching. It's about THEIR learning!

I love you all! Keep it up with the (or letters! I love getting them!

With Love, Elder Weiss VI (The V always comes before the I! Thank you brothers for the examples you are to me! I find little bits of each of you in me each and every day! You too dad!)

PS You bought a sailboat...? Wha..? I guess I can respect that! Haha you guys are crazy!

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