Thursday, July 18, 2013

"Large Plate" Info and wishlist from July 11-12, 2013

This is from a letter of Thursday and Friday, July 11-12, 2013 that was handwritten by Joseph.  Just getting around to typing it up. 

OK, so here are some fun facts about my MTC experience.
1.  I am not at the West campus.  I'm here on the main campus.  Sorry, Deb, if you broke your budget on Jamba, but I keep forgetting to tell people about the "Large Plate" information, if you will, in my emails.

(If you would like a personal letter, send your address to Joseph since he has a little time each night to write, but only one hour of time for email on Thursday Preparation day.)

2.  All three of my roommates are heading down to serve with Will in Concepcion Sur.  Unfortunately, I don't get to serve with Will, but Sydney is alright, I guess...(Ed. note...this is Joe's dry humor showing up.)

3.  I'm kinda sick.  sore throat, runny nose and such.  I'd appreciate your prayers. 

4.  I've been working out on my own besides our gym time because I could feel the pounds stacking up.  Today I weighed myself...10 pounds!  You sit around all day and get 3 big meals.  I hate seeing tithing being wasted, but you'll gain weight just by eating what's on your plate.  Gym is great though.  We mostly play soccer.  I'm starting to love it again.  I do miss tennis though.  Hopefully I'll get to play when I get down to Sydney.

5.  Jacob Scoville teaches Korean at the MTC.  Got to see him yesterday.

6.  This week a bunch of my friends from high school got here.  Namely, Russell Murphy and Braden Call.

7.  Lately we've been singing hymns and "Newsie" (the musical) songs as we walk.  I've realized that not everyone that thinks they can sing actually can.  I'm so sorry if I've ever just "gone for it" with you around.  I think I'm getting a taste of my own medicine.

Well, please pray for my health.  It's hard to think about others when you're struggling, but that's what Christ did his entire life.

Launna, thanks for the reply.  I agree, but I'm hoping someone will disagree so I can better understand.  The question is:


For Luanna:  Character of Christ is the the character Christ had to turn outwards in times of crisis when the natural man would turn invwards.  Elder Maxwell said, "Without the character of Christ...."  Google it...

So here's my wish list:
Listerine (it's helped me get better fast!)
Vitamin C / Calcium would be great.  Airborn or EmergenC would be nice, but not necessary.
Foam soccer ball...we have nothing to do on p-day except study and exercise as the Provo Temple is closed.
Some "Artisan bread" from Lee's.   (Not necessary.)

Friday, July 12, 2013
So I got your package today.  Thanks.  The photo album is fantastic.  I took a few glances at all the pictures by haven't read it yet.  I got to show my district my family!  I liked it a lot.

Last night I had my comp. give me a blessing.  He said exactly what I needed to hear.  It was his first ever.  About a week ago I gave him a blessing as well!

If you could have Deb get a little foam or Nerf soccer ball 6 inches diameter or bigger, that would be great!  But if not...we'll just make one out of socks.
Actually, I already did.  I sewed it and everything.  I'll send you pics soon.  I love you all. Thanks all of you who write!  I love getting letters. 

You all should read Elder Bednar's talk and answer my before stated question.  Love, Elder Weiss VI

(Then there is a hand drawn 1/3 page picture of TROGDOR for Deb.)

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