Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 4 Letter: Characteristics of Christ

From: Joseph Weiss
Date: July 4, 2013 8:38:26 AM MDT
To: Cyndy Weiss <>
Subject: Characteristics of Christ

Well it's been another crazy week at the MTC. Time is flying faster and faster. We started teaching some new investigators this week.

Our Spanish is getting better each time. The gift of tounges is real. I speak my best Spanish in lessons.Sometimes I just get tired of Spanish. Outside of lessons it gets annoying not being understood. I was soo lucky to get into the intermediate class. I'm learning a lot. Being in the beginner class would have killed me...

This week we worked a lot at the beginning of the week on planning. Planning is so great!! It's literally one of my favorite parts of the day. When you plan well it makes a huge difference in how effective you are. Also in PMG preach my gospel it says to review your day in prayer and review your plan for the next day as well with God. So I  did it and it was such a great experience. Here in the MTC I'm feeling the spirit the way I've always wanted to but never was able to.

My comp and I are getting along better. But yesterday I wanted to testify of the fact that God wants us to become like him and bless us with all he has but he said the plan was to return and made a sarcastic comment which made me really have to bite my tounge. This happened before and I reciprocated and lost the spirit. But this time I had the power to just be quiet. God is helping me and I'm changing.

But here is the doctrinal question of the week! Was the original idea of the plan to help us become like God or return to him?... Please send me your answers. I'm super interested and I'll be studying it this week as well.

There's some interesting stuff in Abraham. We listened to Elder Bednars talk, "the Characters of Christ" on Sunday which is my favorite talk ever!! So good! I read it before I came and then when I heard it again my mind was blown. During that talk Elder Bednar talked about note taking. He compared note taking to Nephi making small plates and large plates. The large plates were mostly historical and the small ones spiritual. If we take notes like the large plates we get nothing out of it because we could've just printed out the talk later on. But if we pay attention to our thoughts and feelings it will become apparent how the Lord is helping us.

So please send me letters (via so I can have more time to write on PDAY, thanks mom and deb) that have a little bit of large plates but mostly small plates. Also if someone could let me know how my boy Fed is doing in wimbi that'd be great.

Here's my small plates:
I was reading in John 2 about Christ when he's at the wedding feast and his mother says to him, "we're almost out of wine" and he replies "what would you have me do? My time has not yet come." She replies with an answer that I believe exemplifies Mary's entire life.
"Whatever your father tells you, do it."

Watching the Passion of the Christ and seeing how Mary had to stand and look on as her little boy was beaten, bruised, and scarred for the sins of the world. She had to know with every fiber in her bones that Heavenly Father's plan was the very best plan. I know that It is the best plan. Mary is an amazing example of faith.

Love you all!

Elder Weiss VI

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