Monday, November 3, 2014

Transfer to Mortdale

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: November 3, 2014 at 7:24:06 PM MST
To: Cyndy Weiss <>

Transfers this week! I was forced to leave my father and come to Mortdale. It was hard to leave my trainer. We worked so hard together. Sunday night before transfers he said he couldn't sleep because he was nervous about me going. We worked ourselves into being one person as it seemed. Now I'm with Elder MacFarlane from Minnesota. He is the most loving and non-judgemental person. Haha I can definitely learn on both fronts. My poor wife man haha. #single4ever just kidding "For I know that the Lord giveth no commandment... Save he shall prepare a way”.

Elder Urbina said I can come live with him in Colombia for a month. So at some point I'm gonna go do that and learn real Spanish. He goes home in six weeks. Once he's gone that means I'm old man! There is a new Spanish missionary coming in next transfer. Fingers crossed he's mine!!!

Yesterday Elder Macfarlane and I were on the train talking to people. The first lady we met was a friend of a member. There is no way God isn't real. I've seen to much. I know he is reaching out to his children because I've been his hand so many times. There are many atheist her in Australia, I wonder why they are like that. I think it's money. They are afraid of going without, so they try to go with all. They become slaves to work by their task masters cars and big homes.  It's like a spiritual tornado has come through and ripped out everyone's faith. It's a sad sight to see.

For Halloween we tried to go around with a bucket of candy and give it to people but I think we just freaked them out haha so we gave up and just ate it all ourselves. Being a missionary is the best. I literally LOVE talking to strangers. Some are rude but you just know that they are thinking, "Who is this guy? What does he want? Why is he always smiling?" Then later on the spirit starts to work on them and prepare them for the Gospel one day. Planting seeds brings happiness and conversion more often than harvesting. At the end of the day that's what I want.

Guess what? My son, Elder Edmondson is now my District Leader here in Mortdale! He lives just up the street! I haven't been around in since I left the Spanish ward at the beginning of the year so it's great to be here.

Love Yous HEAPS!!!

Elder Weiss

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