Sunday, November 9, 2014

The last door...DING! 3 New Investigators

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: November 9, 2014 at 6:41:22 PM MST
To: Cyndy Weiss <>

BEST week! It started slow but ended with a bang. Coming into the area and seeing the area book, things looked pretty bleak. The New and Other Investigators section was filled with people that missionaries hadn't taken the time to move them to the Former Investigators sections. It was time to start over. I love our standard of excellence of "3 new investigators a week". I have gained a testimony that it is possible if we put our faith to the test.

At the begining of the week we went to the train station and had some good conversations with people and some contact details, but nothing really panned out. We did meet a maori lady named Elizea. She is looking for a church and she asked if we could meet with her every day for 2 hours. We told her one hour might be a bit better. She ended up not being in our area so we passed her to the sisters who have since started teaching her.

But things didn't happen until after the trial of our faith. Saturday morning we were looking up the address of an investigator we planned to go visit only to find the previous missionaries left no address. So we called this potential Investigator instead. His name is Steve and he knocked on the missionaries door about a month ago. Reverse Tracting is quite effective apparently. We called Steve and asked if he had time right that moment to see us and he did. We went and taught him and committed him to baptism. DING new investigator.

Later that day we were visiting more potential investigators from the area book when we knocked on a house where a Less-active member from Queensland had been staying for a couple of months and he wants to come back. He's living with his girlfriend and her family. We shared a message with both of them and invited her to learn. DING new investigator!

One left... Sunday after church we went to visit more potentials from the area book. The one we went to visit wasn't interested anymore but we knocked the neighbor's door... and the next neighbors door with no sucess. As we walked back to the car I saw house number 11. "My lucky number I thought." I asked my companion, “Can we do this one?" He agreed but as I got closer I felt we should do the neighbor. We did it and another "Sorry mate, we're right". So we tried 11 and nothing.  Then before we went back to the car I told my companion, "OK I promise this is the last one but can we do the neighbor?" He agreed again. DING! New Investigator!

We can't give up. This work is about showing our faith and perseveering. Nobody is perfect but it's about the desires of our hearts. Try try try!! That's all we can do and the rest is the Lord's work.

Love yous heaps!!

Elder Weiss

PS I'm learning Maori:
Naku Whakapapa tino pai
Naku aroha tino nui!
My family is very good
My love is very big

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