Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bilbo Baggins found our flat.

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Subject: Bilbo found our flat.
Date: October 26, 2014 at 7:31:35 PM MDT

Well the most exciting news is that Bilbo Baggins came to our flat. What I mean by that is that the four of us missionaries form smog and he came to our cave and took our stuff. haha. He just took $120 cash and a bike. Dam.. Dang Hobbit! So this is a bad habit I've picked up on my mission. Don't judge me but let's just say I don't say "Dang" and "Heck" too often. Take that however you want to take that. It's the dam.. dang youth here. Because those aren't bad words in australia and so people are saying at church over the pulpit and everywhere else so it just started happening... Is it a sin? I think it'll be a sin when I get home.

Man I know how to say hello in like 10 plus different languages but I still can't speak Spanish haha. Width not depth haha. Funny Spanish story. I talked to this lady at the bus station two weeks ago. She was from uruguay and she said, "No religion!" "Ok entonces hablemos de otras coasas. Le gusta este tiempo?" We chatted and she was happy and got on the bus. I just saw her in the shops and I totally blanked who she was and plus my Spanish was nowhere to be found and she was really happy to see me and came up to me and was, "Se acuerda de mi?" "Errrmmm... como se llama?" Man, Spanish fails all day every day!  But I try.

We are teaching this guy names Steve. He is housemates with Louie the soccer player. Steve is the man. He was brought up never believing in God but he sincerely wants to know. He is the first investigator that has done everything that he has said he would! BEST! He has work off this Sunday so he's coming to church. It'll be stake conference. Hopefully it's a very spiritual meeting.

Pres Back is still marching away like a champ. We are trying to follow right behind him. Man our missions prepare us to smash our future callings. Especially making plans. Some people love set goals but don't make plans and then never do anything. We have such a good view, my companion and I, of how to make things happen and how to make nothing happen. We see both sides. Very enlightening.

Love yous heaps! Hundred percent we gonna smash it man!

Elder Weiss

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