Monday, October 13, 2014

The Buck Stops with President Back!

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: October 12, 2014 at 7:43:49 PM MDT

Hallelujah! President Back is cleaning us up! He understands the value of exact obedience and is setting a new way of life for this mission. He is the spark we need to get us on the right track as a mission. This week was hard but great! It started out great but then we had to do a lot of non-proselyting stuff for the zone. We had Zone Training Meeting on Friday. We coordinated with the Sister Training Leaders and made it really good. Sister Training Leaders are like Zone leaders for sisters. They go on exchanges and help them in a more personal way like we what we do with the Elders but can't do with the sisters.

We did a role play of talking to people at the bus station. We made a bus station with tables from the nursery and chairs. Then I drew a bus on the rolling chalk board and "drove" it around the station while they did their role play. It was almost too realistic that I stopped because I knew I didn't have the right license to drive a bus. Most of the missionaries are participated and it was good. Happy zone.

Yesterday we had our investigator Pete come to Conference. He is the one we found with Ofa last week. We taught him on Wednesday and he is keen! He is trying to put himself in the right place so that he can make a happy life for himself. His past hasn't been easy. Boy, what perfect place for him to be. Today we will play touch footy with him and Ofa's family. BEST!

When we heard the guy was going speak in Spanish at conference, us and the all the Spanish missionaries went to the Spanish room to watch his talk in Spanish without the voice over. I had a hard time at some parts but I love his theme, "Si senor, yo te seguire"

We attended Stake Council yesterday morning. It was EARLY!! We heard a guy present about Self-Reliance. He talked about how here in Australia they buy nice cars and houses and get two jobs to pay for it. He said in the Church this doesn't work. We want to serve God not the house or the car. He said this is a big push in the church right now, but interestingly enough they are pushing outside in. So the states are the last to hear about it... I wonder why? But it's so interesting to see how the Church operates.

I'm coming to realize that coming to Australia was the start of a mission that will never end. Each calling in the church is so vital but beside each calling there is always missionary work. Members struggle with missionary work because they "Don't know too many people outside the church." That happens to us missionaries too. We go to the bus station and talk to people. We get phone numbers and addresses and write them down on a piece of paper called the Potential Investigators list. Then we make plans to contact these people and share the gospel with them.

The break down in member missionary work is that our potentials lists are not filled out. We are not creating opportunities to meet new people. NOTHING happens in missionary work until we FIND someone. Members don't understand finding. They think that the Lord should just give it to them. A word of advice. See not what the Lord can do for you. See what you can do for the Lord. Lord is it I?  Let's smash this work! We still have 88,000 missionaries! The wave hasn't started to break yet. Keep riding!!

Love you heaps!

Elder Weiss (Ehlda Waice)

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