Monday, September 29, 2014

The Work of Salvation

Yesterday we spent most of the day with our High Counselor overseeing missionary work. Ofa Amone and his brother Tou Amone. They have dedicated their lives to the Lord.

My companion and I asked Ofa how his wife is with him being gone so much. He said, "She's an angel! She NEVER compains!". He told us of an experience they had there first prayer together as a married couple. They knelt down and she offered a prayer and said these words, "Father, we give our lives to you.". Wow... I'm gonna need someone like that because I love God and His work too much.

Family first is a lie that Satan tells us to try and build our foundation on things other than Jesus Christ. It is the LORD FIRST. ALWAYS. ALWAYS. ALWAYS.

Ofa was a bishop for 8 years according to my companion. 7 months ago he got released and was called to his current calling in the High Council. He said that a new happiness has come into his life. He spends less time with his kids now but he says they've never felt closer as a family. That is how I want to be. As much as you give to the Lord, He will always give more back. I dedicate my life to Him and hopefully there is some girl game to do the same.

Love you all heaps!!

Elder Weiss

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