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Hectic week! The highlight of this week was our investigators Louie and Pete coming to church. I fasted for them Sat to Sun and they came to church and had a good experience. Louie played for the West Ham reserve team. He's from London. We are going to play soccer with him today hopefully.

Pete has been with Ofa nearly every day this week. BEST fellowship. I love this quote mom sent to me. "My life is like the shoes on my feet. Meant to be worn out in the service of others." That is the happiest life. It may not be the flashest life, or the wealthiest, or the fanciest, but it is the happiest for sure.

Somehow we got out of the habit of going to the bus station and it ruined our contacting skills. We went back the other day and we felt rusty and awkward. We need to use our talents or we lose them.

One night after planning my companion and I made up these footy plays and then the next morning we played touch for exercises with some Elders and their Less actives. My companion and I smashed the other team! ahaha! Too fun!

My companion is the man. I love being with him. He also talks like a professor. He read Jesus The Christ for language study and looked up all the words in the dictionary. We were talking about the economy with our bishop and he used the word "obsolescent." I had no clue what that was. I told our bishop that my companion read and prayed about the dictionary and he knows it's true. haha

Love you heaps, Elder Weiss

P.S. Obsolescent means something became obsolete.

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