Sunday, July 27, 2014

Wombat Chasing

Date: July 27, 2014 at 8:45:41 PM MDT

Dear Family,

It's been an interesting ride going from companion to companion. Last night I got a phone call from the Spanish missionaries saying that an investigator we found wanted me or my comp to baptize him. I told my companion he should do it because he's worked with him more but we decided that his current companion should do it! Elder Fitzner!!

It is crazy to hear about all the people that you worked with progressing after you leave. When you leave you take a picture of how things were and keep that in your head forever and when you hear it's changed it's really strange.

We found this new investigator Julian. He is crazy! He loves history and has done heaps of research. He believes our church but he doesn't know it yet! He's 5.7 and nearly played goalkeep for Stoke City in England but got into partying and lost his chance. He is tiny as but played keeper!! Nuts.

Not too much to tell this week but I'm learning and growing a lot.

I did chase a wombat last night with a video camera. I'll get that video to you soon. We were driving back and saw two wombats two seperate times and the second time I got out and chased it. They are really bad road kill because they are so thick and solid it destroys your car. HaHa i chased a wombat... once in a life time.

Love you all heaps, Elder Weiss VI

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