Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The (English) Time is Far Spent...

From: Joseph Weiss <joseph.weiss@myldsmail.net>
Date: August 4, 2014 at 7:57:50 PM MDT

Dear Family,

This week has been good. Our Branch President got released and a new one called. As President Reiri said it was a change of the guard. Now it's Pres Su'a. He will be amazing. He is the most humble man and I love him and look up to him so much. Pres Reiri stuttered a few times when bearing his testimony. His son told me that was as emotional as he has ever seen him in his life... haha. He's got a good poker face.

We found three new investigators this week. The heavens are still open ;) Things come at the strangest times when you don't expect it. One walked to church from about 3 miles away. He's 68! First he went to Mass at his church and came to ours after because it is close by. Another man named Rohan was an office referral. I think the first one that I have had that was real. A lot of people prank us. Rohan built resorts in Fiji for 13 years and has heaps of stories. He has health problems and is "keen as mustard" to learn about our church.

Another man we tracted into a month ago and finally got in! He doesn't believe in God but really wants to know if he does exist or not. So things are looking up and I am heading out. I got asked by Elder Roberts if I'm ready for the Spanish ward yet??  I said maybe one more area and then the last six months back en el barrio. We'll see what happens but the time is far spent and there is little remaining. My English mission is drawing to a close and the second half of my Spanish one is about to start.

Love Elder Weiss

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