Monday, January 6, 2014

Shelob and her web

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: January 5, 2014 at 5:28:21 PM MST

You know how they say there are lots of poisonous dangerous things in Australia. Like spiders and snakes. I didn't believe it in 6 months of being here I hadn't seen anything frightening until this week. One day my companion and I are taking a walk into the forest to take care of some official business. I take a few steps into the bush to take care of said official business when I see this gigantic spider web. I jump and take a look at this thing and that's when I saw her... Shelob. I was about to walk through Shelob's web. Then she got insanely agressive. She started coming towards me and I had no clue what to do. Then I remembered a gift that was given to me in the MTC by Galadriel. Light of Elendil our beloved star. I whipped that puppy out and put the spider into submished. So that explains the picture in the email. And that's what actually happened. I did think about round house kicking it into the spirit world but as it's one of God's creations I just let it be.

We have a six month Book of Mormon reading chart that we are doing as a mission. In reading the Book of Mormon I have come to feel a connection between myself and Nephi. He had lots of older brothers as do I. I have 5 older brothers. Luckily for me I have had super examples of older siblings whereas he did not. But like always there have been times where I should have stood up to my older brothers and showed them the example and I didn't. I love seeing how courageous Nephi is in telling his older brothers how it is because I know how hard that can be.

This morning I read in the Doctrine & Covenants a scripture from Chapter 9 in preach my gospel in the section: Talk to Everyone. It says that if we open are mouths the Lord promises he will make us like Nephi of old. That is something I need help with is being courageous to find those unplanned opportunities to share the Gospel.

 I feel that the Lord is blessing me with a love for this work. I find the most satisfaction when I am fulfilling my purpose. I love when we meet our goals at the end of the week and I don't know how but I know the Lord did it. I like that moment of satisfaction but even better is the feeling throughout the week that you get while you striving to reach these goals.

We've learned at night planning how important it is to go through the 13 points of Planning and how they really do focus you on your purpose. As well as looking at your weekly Goal that coincides with the daily goals and saying, "Ok what do we need to do tomorrow to knock out this weekly goal." It works! The Lord has prepared such an inspired way for us to do missionary work.

Love you all!

Elder Weiss VI

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