Sunday, January 19, 2014

Joseph, son of Lehi, and Dubbo Miracles

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: January 19, 2014 at 5:37:00 PM MST

Today I was reading the chapter when Lehi talks to Joseph his son.  Joseph and I share names so it was pretty cool to read and maybe relate in a way. I love how it talks about the sticks of Joseph and of Judah growing together to confound false doctrine and it really is true. The Book of Mormon makes clear things that are written maybe more confusing in the Bible due to translation and as well talks of things that aren't in the Bible. It really completes the big picture.

I love the prophecy of the "great seer" that he will be named after his father. People could say "that's just something Joseph Smith wrote so that we would believe that he is a prophet!" But then in the end finding out if Joseph made it up or not comes down to them reading a praying to know for themselves.

You cannot reach your full potential as a child of God in these latter days without gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon. It is our keystone to finding happiness.

So many miracle this week. Just last night we were debating on contacting these two referrals or going home to eat and plan. We decided to go for it and we got a new investigator and another lesson taught. There are heaps more miracles waiting for us if we focus on these key indicators.

This past week has been probably the best week of my mission. When I saw I was going to Dubbo at transfer meeting I was really not too excited. I guess I just lacked faith that it would all work out. It was like I was being condemned. But I'm here to testify that Dubbo is ready to explode. It's gonna fly away in the sky like the city of Enoch. Not quite. But this place is so great. I thought, “Man the Lord wants to send me out to Dubbo to plant lots of seeds and learn about patience and the next few months are going to be pretty tough." But I got here and start contacting people in the street, we started seeing miracles, and we set a record for total lessons in the last 6 months at least and things are just working out.

The Branch is a little strange but not as bad as you hear about and I'm confident that in two or three transfers our meetinghouse will be filling up. In my family we have a Christmas tradition called, "zingers". A "zinger" is a gift that you give to someone that they had never thought about before that makes them squeal or cry. Before they open it up they never would have expected how perfect it would be. That's how I feel right now in Dubbo after week 1 of unwrapping the gift I've found that it's just perfect.

So perfect infact we found some young aboriginal blokes who we asked if they wanted to play touch (rugby) with us sometime and they were full on for it mate! I met them and just thought to meself "eey?” Really, full on out eah in the bush. Bit scary at times.

Just the other night we be coming 'ome when some 12 year olds carrying on like lads (bad kids) came up to us a started harassing us. I said to them in my best Palangi accent, "Eay! Why you so mean to da missionary?" We were walking by and there was this bloke smoking 'eez 'omade cigarette. I asked how come they don't be botherin him too much. He said, "Because they wouldn't be stupid enough to mess with 'im". The lads went off running after that. Fairdinkum, that bloke was. Well I 'ope you enjoy me typin' like a bogan. Maybe I will pick the accent after all. I'm not too sure how people actually communicate out here because it's all implied so it leads me to believe they are also telepathic.

Well I hope you all enjoy Will's homecoming because this the only email I have to write and it took like 20 minutes and now my companion will be emailing for another hour and half while I watch mormon messages and maybe try and write some more emails to someone.

Love you heaps,

Elder Weiss

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