Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Special Assignment

We received no letter this week from Joseph, but here it the letter from his Mission President:

4 March 2014

Elder Joseph Mark Weiss
Australia Sydney South Mission
P.O. Box 456
MortdaleNSW   2223

Dear Elder Weiss,

Thank you for accepting the call to serve as a Zone Leader.  You have been obedient in keeping the mission rules and you stand as an example to the other missionaries.  Thank you for being an excellent teacher who has the ability to articulate your thoughts with clarity and ease.  You have a good understanding of the scriptures, and the doctrines taught therein.

The responsibility of being a Zone Leader is one of the greatest opportunities of leadership a missionary can have and it is certainly one of the most trusted.  It is a very special assignment, and will have far-reaching effects on the missionaries you serve here in the Australia Sydney South Mission.

You are a wonderful example of the teachings of the gospel and also a wonderful representative of your home.  I feel that you will continue to be a tower of strength for good in our great mission.

I love you,

President Larry J. Lew


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