Sunday, March 23, 2014

Chemish and Journaling

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: March 23, 2014 at 6:44:22 PM MDT

Mum will be really happy about what I learned in my Book of Mormon study. I read the book of Omni and it taught me about keeping a journal. I think Chemish says in effect, "So my brother Amaron gave me this record cuz we are supposed to write on it because that's what dad said so he wrote a bit right before giving it to me..." and that is half of what Chemmish wrote! Very uninspiring stuff.

I forgot who it was, but another guy that wrote in there said, "I don't have any revelations or prophecies except what the others have said... so that's all." What the heck man! Hasn't the Lord helped you in your life? I'm sure he did but without reflecting back it was probably hard to see what they had that was of value to share.
I think that writing in a journal gives time to look back and to repent. It makes you more aware of who you are, who you were, and a vision of who you want to become.

Omni also gives a perfect example of the 3rd Missionary in verse two. Omni says, "I fought for my people all my days. But I was wicked and didn't keep the commandments like I should have." Essentially he did much good for his people, but it didn't do him any good because it never changed who he was. He continued in sin. I want to look back at the end of two years and say, "I fought for Australia. I fought for my zone. Most of all I fought for the Lord and now you don't even recognize me because I have become a Man of God."

We had a great week this week. We had the opportunity to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a Brother in our branch who is somewhat less active and to his daughter that is completely inactive. We taught faith in Jesus Christ and Repentance and helped her apply to her own life. Then we taught about the Baptismal Covenant and how she had felt the Holy Ghost in her life. It all made sense to her and she agreed. And then we talked about Enduring to the end. When we had finished teaching about Enduring, I felt inside myself that I needed to be bold and ask, "If you believe this why aren't you enduring?". I got that feeling right before you jump of a cliff into water. You know you have to take that leap of faith but you aren't sure what will happen exactly. But I jumped and asked her, "You have faith in Jesus Christ, you've repented, been baptised, and received the Holy Ghost; so why are you coming to church?". We taught the doctrine so clearly that she said, "I don't have a good excuse." So found out her bad excuse and told her the Lord would take care of it. She committed to coming.

The comforter that has been "left with me, teaches me all things that I should do". That promise in John 14 is true.
I was talking with my companion and told him how in my first transfer I did heaps of GQing or contacting in the train station in Fairfield. When you get rejected so many times you find out quickly that you won't get anywhere on your own. You need the spirit to "Guide you to them or guide them to you" like it says in PMG. It's such a privilege to be a missionary and be put in so many situations where you can't do it alone. To see the powers of heaven work within you and around you. It's a very special experience for me.

I love President Lew for being a consistent leader. I have learned from sports that good leaders do not need to be the best or the most flashy as long as they are consistent. People may disagree with you at times but you cannot be swayed because those people will not follow you if you do. We look for steadiness in a leader not happiness. I appreciate his steady leadership more than he'll know.

Love you all, Elder Weiss


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