Sunday, March 16, 2014

Apple Rolls Away From the Tree...

Well mum you'll be happy to hear this. I've been practicing playing the piano because on Sunday our pianist was gone so I had to play... the CD player.
So I'm gonna practice my Hymns so that I can play for meetings.

We have this less active guy that is crazy and smokes all the time and swears like crazy. He is so cool though. We are reading with him from the Book of Mormon and he is showing some progress. But being around his foul language is having its effect on me. Problem number one is that "Damn" and "Hell" are the equivalents of saying, "Dang" and "Heck" in Australia. So that's been slowly sneaking in there but then the other day I was quoting something our less active said and started swearing without even thinking.

I am repenting... the apple may not fall far from the tree but with the atonement it CAN roll a little bit away. haha jk

There is too much to talk about but I don't remember it and I stopped writing in my journal because we always of things to do in the evenings (making phone calls and garbage). I need to make time for it because I can't remember stuff.

Someday I'm going to write an essay about how stupid the world is. And how anyone that thinks they can live like a celebrity is uneducated and needs grow up. I loathe drugs, alcohol, and immorality. They do NOT make people happy and they NEVER made anyone a better person. All of the above are self-centered and devilish activities.  There's your sample.

And here’s what I wrote to president this week...

With the added emphasis of finding investigators through the members we have struggled to find new investigators. For three weeks we hadn't yet figured out an effective way of doing it. We decided we needed to start setting appointments with members to get to know and build trust with them. On Saturday we went to an appointment with a member and we talked to her about joining the church. We asked for her advice in teaching an investigator that was catholic (because she was previously Catholic). We got talking about some of her friends. All we did to start it was, "Do you think they'd like us to go around and see them?" And from there they would tell us no, or yes, or start talking about other friends that might be interested. Then we pulled out our Plan of Salvation pamphlets and started practicing explaining parts of the Plan in ten seconds. We told her how well she did and we left her with a pamphlet and then she asked if she could have more. So we gave her one for each lesson with our names and numbers on it. Later that we repeated the process with another member. They were so excited because they felt like they had something specific to share. And we were able to iron out so doctrinal wrinkles that had snuck into their minds over time.

I reckon if we keep this up it will end up paying huge dividends. If we have each member give us a referral every ten weeks we could potentially have 20 new investigators or more in ten weeks. Which is twelve in a transfer. A little bit of work from each member goes a long way!

Ok I love you all. ("Sleep well. Most likely kill you in the morning”-Princess Bride)

Elder Weiss


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