Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Last Stand...New DL

From: Joseph Weiss <joseph.weiss@myldsmail.net>
Date: October 21, 2013 10:29:18 PM MDT

Dear Family,

It's been another hectic week. Saturday morning we were temple cleaning our flat in preparation for transfers. You have to clean first and then after you ask the Zone Leaders to find out if you are staying or getting transferred. We found out we all would be staying. President Lew told us that Elder Jones will be training and that I will be Distric Leader. Pretty Hectic. I felt super overwhelmed at first but then with the guidance of our Zone leaders I have calmed down a little bit.

It's actually not gonna be too bad. The district is four sisters and four elders. All of us Elders will be living in the same flat. So trade offs will be pretty easy. We'll just switch beds for the night! I'm so excited to get a bed! I've been sleeping on this small foam mattress on the floor for a transfer! #australiaproblems. I know others have it worse. I shouldn't complain but nevertheless I'm excited for the luxury.

Sunday we got a new Ward mission leader. He's so fired up. He was the ward mission leader back in the day when the Spanish ward was baptizing heaps. The bishop has assembled the best of the best to be ward missionaries and our ward mission leader. This is the last stand.

This is the barricade scene from Les Miserables! This is Bob all tied up with emotional knots. This is the Statue of Liberty play. This is Landon Donovan following the play in 90th minute vs Algeria. Iniesta Against Chelsea in the UCL semi finale. Messi against Man Utd. Logan vs East with 12 sec on the clock. This is Mottel talking to Tevia. This is Seabiscut coming around the last stretch. This is Kobe with the ball with 10 sec left. This is "True Grit". This is Rocky vs Ivan Draco. This is Jack Sparrow chasing the black pearl. This is Sam carrying Frodo. This is Aragorn at the gate of Mordor.

When I look in the eyes of the Spanish members I see the same fear that would take the heart of me. There may be a day when men fall. When the relm of men comes crashing down! But it is not THIS DAY! THIS DAY! WE FIGHT!!!! For lack of better words, this is CHUCK NORRIS.
This is also Elder Weiss not sure what to tell you. I think Charles says everything.

Well I hope you understand something of what I wrote. Maybe Jon will get most of it. Between all of you I think you'll be able to figure it out.

Ok well. Love you heaps! Ofatu!

Elder Weiss VI... One minute on the clock... SEND

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