Tuesday, December 23, 2014

First Miracle in Canberra

From: Joseph Weiss <joseph.weiss@myldsmail.net>
Date: December 22, 2014 at 6:26:49 PM MST

Let me tell you about Elder Weiss' first miracle in Canberra (as far
as I know it's the first but it's probably like the 204th) So due to
weird circumstances I got to my area Thursday morning. After studies
my companion and I went to this lake and sat at a picnic table to do
our weekly planning. As we were battling through our distractions we
saw this skinny tall tan dude with long poofy hair (Poofy as in
fluffy). He had just been swimming with his friends in the lake and
was walking back from the car to the shore again with a towel wrapped
around his waist. Because of his lack of clothing my companion said
"Ooo look at this tough guy" But before you know it Mr. Tough Guy
walks over to us and says, "Are you Mormons? This is going to sound
pretty crazy but I just felt like I should talk to you guys. What are
you doing?"

As we talked he said he was from up north in Newcastle and he was in
Canberra fundraising for the Red Cross. He said that previously he had
knocked into a Mormon couple with three young kids who let them in and
listened to them as well as fed them lunch. The man of the house and
him got talking about religion and he said that this man talked of
religion and logic and experience as if they were all the same thing.
Previous to them religion and science were two separate things. This
man opened his eyes and then two months later he saw us weekly
planning at the park. His name was Matt.

Matt was to be leaving on Saturday
in Arvo so we set up a lesson before he started working on friday. We
met him at the chapel at 8am and had a recently returned missionary
come with us also. We gave him a chapel tour and taught the
Restoration as we went. The spirit was so strong especially as we
enterred into the chapel there was a big hush that came over us. And
peace. We got his details and he will be meeting with the missionaries
up in newcastle as soon as they make contact! Miracles!!

We are having a zone council with all the District Leaders every
friday. We are running it like a ward council should opperate. We
discuss the needs of individuals and families (Companionships) and we
make the District Leaders make a plan of action and we will follow up
in each of the following meetings to track their progress and see what
they have done. I've wanted to run and ward council for a while now
just to see what it would be like if leaders followed the Red
Handbook. Belconnen Ward does it though! Man, Ward Council was intense!
It was so fast paced and leaders reported on their progress... BOOM!

Merry Christmas! See you later this week!

Love Elder Weiss

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