Wednesday, September 11, 2013


From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: September 9, 2013 10:47:14 PM MDT
To: Cyndy Weiss <>
Subject: HECTIC!!

SOO HECTIC!! I don't mean the warmer temperature neither! There is nothing as cool as missionary work! As our drunk friend from Zimbabwe likes to say, "Check dis out!"

So not this last Friday but the one before we got "smashed" by Elder Hamula about preaching by the way! SOO "SMASHED"! After the meeting we started applying what we learned while we were waiting on some other missionaries. We talked to a man who was from Peru! Spoke Spanish and he wasn't interested but then we talked to the next guy we saw and he was from Chile and we got a return appointment. I think I've told you all up to this point! This is where it turns hectic!

We met with him on Tuesday and also met his wife. There names are Hector and Paulina! Elder Urbina and I taught in unity and there was a different spirit than we'd ever had together! The spirit "smashed" them and we committed both of them to be baptized! AHHHH SO CRAZY!! I had never gotten this far before!

Flashback to Friday evening after the rebuking! We are at the train station just talking to people. We talk to these two girls and testify of the restoration and get a return appointment! Bang! PBTW! (preach by the way).

Now fast forward to our lesson this past Friday. We taught them at this park and again Elder Urbina and I taught in unity and the spirit "smashed" them! We taught so clearly saying things we'd never said before that were so much clearer than before! We committed them to baptism as well! We confirmed that one of them read before going to bed that night! HA! We can't meet with them because they are in their last week of high school and I guess it's pretty hectic so we won't see them till next Friday but we are texting them like crazy so they don't forget what they felt!

This is what I've learned. God asked the ALL the Elders in D&C 52:21-27 to "preach by the way". And in 34 he promises we will be fruitful if we do what he says. When we do HIS work HIS way we get to see HIS miracles! We are entitled to have his miracles as we strive to become like Jesus Christ the Missionary. That's what becoming Preach my Gospel (missionary) means! Become a Missionary like Jesus Christ.

It's sooo cool seeing miracles. When you see a miracle thats all you can think about. How can I see more of that? Just gotta do HIS work HIS way and then have your mind blown!

So then if the week wasn't hectic enough, last Saturday morning I'm getting swoll/ripped/workingout/tryingtonotbecomefat and Elder Urbina tells me we have to go to mission offices so I can get trained to drive! ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD! But it all went good. I passed and I just pray I'll never get a ticket or crash or anything. TICKETS ARE TRICKY HERE! They have speed cameras everywhere!

But after the test President said we wanted to talk to me. He took me into his office and asked me if I could be a trainer. So I'm going to pick up my greeny tomorrow and Elder Urbina got called as a District Leader in Canberra! Right as things were getting good too!! But me and this greeny are gonna "smash it"! However my Spanish crutch is gone and now I have to learn to stand on my own!

So it feels like the first day of my mission all over again. I have to figure things out all over again. I'm training myself for the remaining six weeks of the 12 week program. Hectic. I'm so humbled and hope I can be a good trainer for this new missionary. I know once he sees miracles he will forget about home altogether!

Love you!

Elder Weiss VI

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