Monday, February 10, 2014

I Saw Heaps of Roos!

From: Joseph Weiss <>
Date: February 9, 2014 at 6:47:31 PM MST

Well, I finally saw the Roos! It took me over 7 months but I have finally seen them. And I saw heaps of them! They come out at dawn and dusk. Like hundreds. My battery was dead though so I only have a bad picture. We had to go to a place called Mudgee for trade offs. A little less than an hour down the road my companion says, “We turned down that road last time." But the GPS said "stay straight" so we followed the GPS. Little did we know what lay ahead.

The sun started setting and I was going crazy taking pictures and then about a half hour later we turned onto a small two lane road with no lines in the middle. We pulled off the road in the middle of nowhere and took some pictures of the sunset. Then we got in the car a kept going. It started getting darker and the roos started appearing in the fields on the side of the road. We took a picture but it was too dark and then kept on going.

Later the two lane road became a one and one third lane road. And it started getting really dark. Then a wallabie is just standing on the white line that marks the side of the road. My companion is driving and doesn't see it and I yell, "Watch out!" Before he can do anything the marsupial starts bounding off. Then about fifteen minutes later another one hops off the road when we start coming. It's so dark that all you can see is the road and a bit to the sides because it's such thick bush. A roo could jump out and you wouldn't know what hit you.

We keep going and we see heaps of roos on the side off the road and we are just praying they stay there and don't jump into the road. It was like watching a scary movie. Then out of nowhere this fox runs out in front of our car. Our right tire was on trick to make fox pancakes but my companion swiftly avoided it and swerved out of the way. I'm not sure how because I didn't think we had space to swerve but, alas, zero fox pancakes and two happy elders. 

From the trade off we went to Zone training meeting around dusk again. We are driving on this road we've already seen hundreds of roos in the fields than one tries to stake it's claim right in the middle of the road. We slow down and wait for it to get a move on and then a huge roo comes jumping from the right side of the road. Hops across the road and then clears this four to five foot fence with ease.On the way back we were travelling around 8 on the same road and this roo comes flying from the side of the road and tries to hit our car but we out ran him and then two or three more times we pass roos just chillin on the side of the road. I'll never forget that road trip! You can't see that in the city I'll tell you that much. #Australia

There's a Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith book in our flat that I started reading during lunch and dinner and wow, I have been impressed. I've never studied him before but his understanding of the scriptures blows my mind. When I read his words I get to know his personality and the Gospel comes into focus. Much clearer than before. He teaches a lot from the New Testament and it has helped me to see how it is truly the same gospel restored to the earth that has always existed from the days of Adam our father. It's like a feast when I read his teachings and look of the scriptures that he cites... wow he is a Prophet of God.

The Authority and Legal Permission of God to establish his kingdom is again on the earth. And that authority was administered through those called and set apart to administer it. Saturday night we had another "games night" and even more kids came. We are teaching them to be reverent in the church and to treat each other well and how to pray. It's the best. They are good kids in a hard place laden with those injured and fallen by Satan's power. I hope they don't follow the same path.

Wow, long letter but heaps happened this week. I hope I can still read Spanish when I am old because my journal is in Spanish...
Love yous heaps!

Elder Weiss VI

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