Monday, August 5, 2013

First Letter from Australia August 4, 2013

So there I was, in the mission office, just sitting there.... haha yeah so got here last Wednesday. It's so pretty but I love 'Merica even more! I'm so grateful for wide roads, being able to turn right at a red light when nobody's coming, big trucks (because gas isn't so flippin expensive in the US), and driving the "RIGHT" side of the road.

So my comp is Colombian and we both are serving the Spanish branch. I was soo lucky. Some poeple come here Spanish speaking and only get one transfer in the Spanish branch and never get to actually learn Spanish. I'm guaranteed to at least get two! First day in the area we go and teach this lady that was so nice and is totally ready for the Gospel but her husband is atheist so she's super tentative about it all. But she's so great! We got to know her super well. She's from Spain but moved here when she was young. Her husband is from the MOTHERLAND! AKA Washington State! So we talked a bit about that!

This whole lesson was in English so I got to do a lot of teaching. I'm super awkward when we teach in Spanish because they speak so fast I just kind of stare and pretend like I know what's going on. Actually I get the gist of everything but I have to really focus to figure it out let alone try and tell them something. But it's the same for my comp when we have to teach in English but his English is way better than my Spanish. He's been here seven months and hasn't left the "area". That is. he hasn't left our branch because our area is the whole mission.

So first night I'm here we are driving to our area and guess what the first tennis court I see is! Not Hardcourt! Not Clay! But grass!!! They are all over here! I still haven't seen any clay but before I leave the area we'll go play on the grass! Today we are going to go play on some hardcourt and I'm so stoked!!!

Second day I was here we cleaned out the area book of one area with zero success! haha Yeah, kinda killed the mood from the day before when we taught this perfect person! But somebody's got to plant some seeds round here! Last night we went to a member's house for dinner and got trapped and were there for far too long and we were talking in English and my comp is super polite and didn't say anything so I was like were gonna share a message and leave! We got some referrels but no Spanish speakers and then we took off. I wasn't super happy that we stayed so long but the night was just getting started.

We visited another man from a different area in the book of life. He didn't want us to come back at first but my comp smoothed him over and we are gonna go back next Sunday to teach! BAM!!! Next we had a guy named Roberto. He's a Seventh-day Adventist and was like, "is your church on Saturday? No thanks. If you convince me that the sabbath is on sunday then I'll join your church." haha! So my comp kinda discussed doctrine with him and I just stood there like a deer in the headlights trying my best to follow the conversation. Then my comp finally testified of the Book of Mormon and then I asked him, "If your God revealed more of Jesus Christ's words, would you want to here it?" "Yes" "I know that this book contains the words of Jesus Christ and you can too if you read it and asked God." He said, "Alright". So my comp gave him a Book of Mormon and marked 3 Nephi Chapter 11 for him to read. So he's gonna read and were gonna go back sometime and see what became of it. He doesn't want us to come in a visit but he said we could stop by.

Then we went to a less active member's house. Her husband and kids were gone and my comp asked for some water and she was going to bring it to him at the door but then she asked if I wanted any and I said, "Actually could I go to the bathroom?" AND WE WERE IN! haha it's so hard to get into Latino's doors for some reason. My comp says it's rude if you ask to come in. So you just have to stay very, very hydrated if you know what I mean. ;) When I was done taking care of business I came out and she asked if I wanted some water and I said yes. So we followed her into her kitchen and I asked about her son's soccer trophies and we talked. Then we shared a message about prayer. The spirit came a testified and made her a little emotional. Then my companion asked if there was a time we could come back and she said, "Let me check my calender" and we set a time. If she hadn't have felt the spirit she would've just made an excuse like everybody else we talk to! Man, last night was a solid one!

Tonight we are talking to two inactives that asked us to come and teach. They are married and aren't sure if they want a divorce or not. So I'm not completely sure what they want from us but we are going to teach them about keeping covenants especially their baptismal covenant by attending church and partaking of the sacrament so they can "always have the Spirit to be with them". Man, the Gospel is what's up! It's the solution! So many people just blow us off so quickly and it's so sad because they need this message! But "the elect hear our voice and harden not their hearts" and that's who were after!

I love you all! I miss my nieces and nephews! The member's house where we ate has all their kids living close by so they all came over for Sunday dinner with their kids. Hectic. So cool though!

You's have a good one!

Love ya's heaps!

Elder Weiss VI

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